Maxis Elder clothing crashing game?
#1 14-08-2019 
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So basically, if I create an elder in cas and scroll through the clothes, it'll crash when it gets to a certain clothing. I can't delete what is causing it because if I click on it, it automatically closes. I don't know what to do. Please help Sad

#2 15-08-2019 
You could delete the file from the folder outside the game, if you know which file it is. If you don't know which file it is, you may have to do a 50/50 dance on all your outfit files. That is, move half of your outifts out to a folder on the desktop, start the game and see what happens. If the game crashes, the faulty file is in the half that you kept. If it doesn't, the faulty file is in the half that you took out. Repeat this procedure (divide and test) with the half that has the faulty file, until there's only one file left.

For safety, you could then run the game with ONLY the faulty file, to make sure that it is indeed the one that breaks stuff. If it does, throw that file away, and run the game with all the other files. Next time a problem like this happens, you know what to do Smile


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