Sims 2 UC Crashing in the Neighborhood View
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Hello i have some problems with my Sims 2 UC from Origin. I believe i tried everything that is possible to stop this from happening but my game either crashes or turns into a pink nightmare.
The problem occurs only when i exit any family and go to the neighborhood view, at that point the game either crashes, or the whole neighborhood turns pink ...
I really don't know how to fix it. When i try to run Sims 2 UC to a different compatibility mode the game refuses to start.
I use windows 10 Pro Build:1809 OS:17763.678
8GB Ram Intel Core i3 7100 and Gtx 1050 Ti
I really need help ty <3
PS: I also wanted to say that i removed all my CC, it wasn't much but at it end it did nothing to stop the game from crashing.

.txt  DESKTOP-RBFC6VH-config-log.txt (Size: 10.33 KB / Downloads: 286)

.txt  Graphics Rules 1.txt (Size: 33.68 KB / Downloads: 249)

.txt  Video Cards 2.txt (Size: 25.87 KB / Downloads: 263)

Update: I think i made the game stop crashing when i leave a family.
The pink flash happens sometimes, but the game won't crash.
I press the save buttom first then i leave the family that will load the neighbourhood much faster and without a crash, but as i said the pink flash still happens from time to time. It goes away once i enter another family and come back to the neighbourhood view. Weird...
[Image: Zjph8zb.jpg]
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