sims 2 bigger window mode?
#11 10-11-2019 
3 months later and i still cant get this to work, its as if the game isn't listening to the graphics rules at all. i tried completely uninstalling all of them and wiping any trace of the games and reinstalling just the sims 2 deluxe. i altered the resolution in graphics rules and seti Low , seti Medium, and seti High. still opening the game and only one resolution option shows up at all. the window mode remains the minimum and i cannot get it any larger, nothing seems to change no matter what i do. i have followed all the advice given and yet the problem persists and i just do not understand.

#12 11-11-2019 
actually after getting frustrated to the point of posting that i ended up wiping it again and trying all kinds of things and i finally got it working (and i apologize if my frustration ever led me to being rude)..... except now i have new problems. i'm starting to get that flashing pink error thing and my sims keep bugging up. im wondering if it has to do with the 4gb patch which doesnt seem to be working. no matter what my config file keeps saying "Memory: 2048MB Free memory: 2048MB" instead of 4000 somthing. i have applied it to the latest ep which is mansion and garden stuff (now that i have kept store edition uninstalled) but that didnt work, so i followed advice and moved Sims2EP9.exe to cs bin and like an idiot tried to open it from my shortcut on my desktop but of course since i moved that file it didnt recognize the game was in there so i made a new shortcut and tried that again. the config file still claims 2048MB so i tried moving the exe to the desktop and re-applying the patch and moving the exe back into tsbin and yet still no go. still 2048MB. so im confused. help would be nice ><


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