Fantasy Colors Default Terrain&Water, Global Mod, Replacement
#1 11-09-2019 
I was wondering if someone could make me a default terrain (doesn't matter if its desert, dirt, concrete or lush) in a different color and also the water (ocean) or maybe could point me to a place where I could post this request?
I already have Moi's Neighbourhood Water Global Mod but I'd really like a different colour (babypink, acidgreen and/or chocolate=milkybrown)
and I have these Mix & Match Terrains but I'd really like a babyblue terrain&beach (cliffs I already like the ones found there)
I tried just recoloring those but I couldn't really figure it out Sad
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
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#2 01-12-2019 have you looked at this site?

#3 02-12-2019 
(01-12-2019 09:43 PM)gayars Wrote: have you looked at this site?
yes that's my second link, couldn't find any water recolor there at all and not the exact terrain colors I wanted however some really great ones I'm gonna use. Mostly still looking for different colored water. I have some kind of overlay for ponds but I'd like something for the hood as well and the red one I have from Moi is a little too dark for my neighborhood. Probably gonna end up using a hood without (a lot of) water for the project. Thanks for answering though!

#4 02-12-2019 
sorry evidently I cannot read today. :/


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