New Home
#1 27-01-2010 
After nearly two years on MTS I have finally taken the plunge and made my own site. It WAS gonna be a Joomla! site, but my brain exploded. So, for now, I will be using the awesome myBB forum software. If you think that this layout is remarkably similar to the Afternoon Tea theme on LivingSims - its because it is. I implemented that theme on LS because I loved its clean look - so of course I used it on my own site.

Its a reworking of an awesome layout made by Quacktacular (link in the footer).

This isn't really a forum though - just a little place to call my own. I will upload most of my items that I have made for the sims, but you don't have to log on, or post or do anything really. You can wander about the site, comments are welcome. Sorry about the captcha on the guest comments, but I don't really want snurky comments from bots.

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