Help! Latest Win10 update broke my game again!
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So since the new update of windows from last thursday I can't play the sims ultimate collection. This happened to me before, but I always seemed to be able to fix the problem (the directx 9.0 problem)

I have followed the steps of finding the config-log.txt and to edit the VideoCards file with using the information of the driver, but it does not seem to work.

My info on the driver:
=== Graphics device info ===
Number: 0
Name (driver): Microsoft Basic Render Driver
Name (database): Microsoft Basic Render Driver <<NOT FOUND IN DATABASE!>>
Chipset: Vendor: 1414, Device: 008c, Board: 00000000, Chipset: 0000

I cannot find the vendor number anywhere in the VideoCards file, so I tried to put it under the ATI vendor. I have a Radeon R6 M34ODX 2gb graphics card. I also find it weird it is put to the Microsoft Basic Render Driver... Not sure

Also: when I play the game it loads in Mansion and Garden stuff, although on this website it says to put all the files in "Fun with Pets".

If you guys/girls can help I would be very happy Big Grin

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I think you should first check if the proper drivers for your Radeon M340DX are present, and maybe update them from the provider's website.
If that's done, the game should automatically find the correct driver and graphics card. But if it doesn't -- or if it does, but the game still doesn't work -- report back here. In that case, while writing your message, select the "Full Editor" button at the bottom, and include your config-log.txt and DxDiag.txt files as attachments.

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Thanks for the help BoilingOil.

I went to the site of AMD and it looks like I downloaded the right drivers now.
The game does not work still, still the same "direct 9.0x message".

I do not know where to find this DxDiag.txt file.
Here the config file
.txt  DESKTOP-PQOQN90-config-log.txt (Size: 10.28 KB / Downloads: 339)

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You're doing great, @Deniece Smile

Sadly, the game still claims "Microsoft Basic Render Driver" to be your graphics card driver. So that is still not right.
DxDiag.txt maybe does not exist yet on your system. You must first run the application named DxDiag, and that will *create* the file you seek.
In the meantime, I'll assume that DirectX12 is installed on your system. It might help if you could uninstall that and put DirectX11 on instead. Because DirectX11 will do what DirectX12 can NOT: act as if it is DirectX9.0c. Perhaps after doing that, your game may work.

And if not, then I hope that someone with more knowledge of Win10 and Graphics issues comes by soon, because the ways in which I can help are really quite limited. Oh, @Kunder, are you here???

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@BoilingOil, @Deniece

Yes, and you're correct. DX11 MOST of the time, will work in lieu of DX9c.... MOST of the time. However, her Win10, may have broken her game after the update.
I think now, we are going PAST the latter stages of our ability to run TS2, on newer equipment.

Better snatch those used/refurbished, nVidia powered Lenovo ThinkPads, and Windows 7 or 8.1 up off Amazon, or Ebay. NOT kidding!

ThinkPads that run TS2 best:

T500 with Radeon Mobility 3650m graphics ONLY!. I picked up one of these for $30 USD from Ebay, but it MUST have the dedicated graphics!
T420, or T420s/nVidia only. The T420, is my Daughter's "Daily Driver", and she plays TS2, with the nVidia graphics, and Windows 7, smooth as glass!
T430, or T430s/nVidia only.
W530 with nVidia Quadro K1000m, or K2000m graphics.
T440p with nVidia GeForce, GT730m graphics (using Win7), although the on-board HD4600m graphics (Using Win8.1) will run TS2, without problems.
The BEST "Simming" machine? W540/W541 with nVidia Quadro, K1100m, or K2100m graphics, and WINDOWS 7 Pro. ALSO has HD4600m graphics. The W540/W541 is a certifiable BEAST!
The upgrade potential of it is nothing short of remarkable, and it's fairly heavy. It is, after all, a Graphic Arts Workstation, and makes a superb, desktop replacement.

Any computer running the GT730m or higher, must use Win7 in order to use the GeForce, or Quadro video.

The nicest thing about the T440p, and the W540/W541, is that they'll BOTH blow the doors off MOST of the new computers for speed, with their Quad Core processors.

Any of the computers I've mentioned, would STILL make GREAT "Daily Drivers" for most people. Especially the T420, and up.

Stay AWAY from the "U" processors! VERY poor performance!

Actually, ANY computer with the same spec's as above will work. ThinkPads have the best build quality/easiest, and cheapest to upgrade though. They ALL have video cards, that are DX9c compatible, and will run flawlessly on Win7/Win8.1. BTW, the drivers for ALL these Lenovo's, are STILL supported on Lenovo's website.

The key is Windows 7, or Windows 8.1Pro. Some Win8.1Pro machines, need some small workarounds for TS2 though. Very simple and easy ones.
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So it seems that my sims is beyond repair? I am already quite sad about my super awesome village with a lot of family history... Is it possible to move that village to another computer?

Not sure if I want to buy a laptop especially for the sims, I still have a laptop lying around somewhere with a very very small screen Samsung Notebook N145 Plus.

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If you know how to copy files from one system to the other, it shouldn't be a problem.
1. Make sure that Sims 2 is properly installed on the older machine, with all the expansions that you already use in your current neighborhood.
2. Do a test run to see that it works.
3. Move the "Origin" or "EA Games" folder from the "Documents" folder on the old machine to the desktop.
4. Copy the entire folder named "Origin"or "EA Games" from the "Documents" folder of your current machine to the "Documents" folder of the older machine.
5. Continue your long-time game as if nothing has happened.
6. If everything works, destroy the folder that you moved to the desktop. because you no longer need it.

@Kunder, thank you for your quick response, friend. I wouldn't know what to do without your presence.

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Thanks. Glad to be of service. Smile


Get a 32gb flash drive, copy over your entire, EA Games folder in my documents. Put it in a safe place.

If you knew how, you could dual boot Win7, and Win10.

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So i found another laptop at the house, a Packard Bell Intel Pentium Dual CPU T3200 2ghz 3gb ram , which has a slightly bigger screen than my Samsung Notebook.

Random question: I remember I tried to repair the sims and I used the tips on this forum. Did I not change some things in the EA Games folder on this laptop? I remember I had to copy some files that you could download from this website.

I mean, if I copy all the files in the EA Games section from Documents, isn't it going to copy the misstakes as well? Like the config-log etc?

I randomly found that I also copied or backupped it in march of this year. I think there was also a problem that I could not start the sims.
Look what I found in the config-log there:

=== Graphics device info ===
Number: 0
Name (driver): AMD Radeon™ R6 Graphics
Name (database): AMD Radeon™ R6 Graphics <<NOT FOUND IN DATABASE!>>
Vendor: ATI
Chipset: Vendor: 1002, Device: 9874, Board: 1b8d1043, Chipset: 00c5
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The video log is the only thing in the "Documents" folder's backups. You'll have to re-do your GraphicsRules.sgr, and your VideoCards.sgr, for the Pac-Bell. Those are actually in the installed game files, not "Documents". Does your Pac-Bell even have a video card? or is it running off the On-Board graphics?


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