Very poor quality, guessing "AMD Radeon HD 7600 Series" might be the problem?
#11 22-10-2019 
OH MY GOD THERE IS HOPE. Thank God I've been dumb ( LOL ) Okay I'm under Fun with Pets now but the only folder starting with "EP" is EP4, should I try that one instead? And is it fine if I leave the other files in SP9 as they are now, I mean with the edited .sgr files and all the rest?

#12 22-10-2019 
No, no, EP4 is most CERTAINLY not the right folder. But it's strange that you have an SP9, but no EP9 there. I really don't know what to say... I am speechless.

#13 22-10-2019 
Actually, this thread here says SP9 is correct :\ (also says it's not the Win10 thread, but I doubt that'll make any difference on this specific case?)
There must be something different in the way that the Ultimate Collection gets installed, that's all I can guess. For a moment I thought I'd be able to play Sad oh well

#14 22-10-2019 
M&G is an EP disguised as an SP.

The correct path is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection\Fun with Pets\SP9\TSData\Res\Catalog\Bins. Unless Origin really did let you install to your desktop?! Which sounds sketchy.

#15 23-10-2019 
Hello HugeLunatic, yeah it does sound sketchy but I swear that is my path! Also, I have my Sims 4 installed with Origin, but as far as I know there is no Sims 2 on Origin right now (I wish!), so I'm not sure about the kind of path you're suggesting. That is certainly not mine Huh

#16 23-10-2019 
My apologies! When I saw you mention the UC guides I thought you had installed the UC via Origin. So you installed via disks and chose a custom location to install?

#17 24-10-2019 
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@BoilingOil it's always the last expansion/sutff pack installed that has the game configuration, for the Ultimate Collection is SP9 which is Gardens&Masions stuff pack

#18 24-10-2019 
@catalincriste I *know* that it's always the latest EP or Stuff Pack. In most cases, however, that is named "EP9", because the executable file is also "TS2EP9.exe." And HugeLunatic had alreay said that in the UC they named the folder "SP9". This is apparently true in SOME, but not ALL versions of UC, because @celebkiriedhel also called it "EP9".

#19 24-10-2019 
I specifically mentioned the guides because I've probably read any possible guide known to the internet before I decided to ask here :'D and yes it's definetely a custom path, I remember trying to install the game on my D disk at first (to save memory) but for some reason it wouldn't even launch like that. So I did it again with this current path and it launches, but I'm still trying to solve the graphic issues I've told you about. Speaking of which, should I just give up by now? You guys have been really kind but if we're not going anywhere with this I don't want to waste your time...!

#20 25-10-2019 
@itsCat, have you had the game installed on this computer before? Because it is possible that, when you uninstall the game, and later install it again, some old registry entries remain and screw up the new installation. So that could be why it wouldn't run from the D disk.
There is a way to test it, but it requires completely uninstalling TS2 again, and then using a good registry cleaner to remove all remaining TS2-related keys. I'm not sure if I want to subject you to all that extra work, though.

Personally, I'm not a fan of giving up. So that is not the advice that I would give. On the other hand, however, I don't know enough about Win10 to help.


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