Very poor quality, guessing "AMD Radeon HD 7600 Series" might be the problem?
#21 25-10-2019 
Yes, doesn't matter though, because I have more free space now so either I install it on C or D I don't really mind. But I'm interested in the registry cleaner etc if that could mean being able to play without ugly graphics and lags! Extra work is hardly pleasant, but I'm not a fan of giving up either so let's try this. Thank you Smile
First I'm guessing I'll simply have to uninstall the game from my control panel, right? Then what do I do?

#22 25-10-2019 
First, the problem is not where you install it, or whether there is enough room. The only thing of importance is that the game must NOT be installed at the moment when the cleaning software is working on your registry.

You could uninstall the Sims 2 from the control panel, but I have a different method that I have learned to trust over the years.

My personal recommendation is to first install CCleaner. Also, make a backup of all the Sims stuff that you have in "Documents", if you don't want to lose that stuff.
Then, start CCleaner, go to the "Tools" page, select every "The Sims 2" item in turn, and in the top right corner click the "uninstall" option. And if the "uninstall" option doesn't appear, click "remove" instead.
When all that is done, select the "Registry" page, and at the bottom left, click "Scan for Issues". When it is done finding issues, simply click "Fix all issues", and confirm that this is what you want. Wait for it to finish, and then exit CCleaner.
Now all evidence of The Sims 2 ever having been installed, will have been removed from your computer, except for the data that you backed up earlier.

Now, you can start installing The Sims 2 anew, anywhere you like, and it should work like a charm, except for any problems one might have with Win10 and modern graphics cards. But that is for another day.

But, I would not rush into all this immediately, if I were you. Other people might have different views on how to work this out. Let those people chime in, and see what method suits you best. Because just the fact that the above method has worked well for me over the years, does not necessarily mean that it is the best method for you or anyone else.

#23 26-10-2019 
I would also suggest backup and complete uninstall, then use a registry cleaner. Personally I prefer Revo Uninstaller: It uninstalls and does the registry cleanup immediately.

#24 26-10-2019 
Thank you guys, if no one else will be able to help me I will ll try this option then. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


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