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So i've recently got a new laptop and have tried playing sims 2 Ultimate Collection.
Only problem is when i play the game it flickers alot! Im finding it hard to ignore and continue to play.

Can anyone help?

I have also attached my graphics Rules and Video Cards file

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.txt  DESKTOP-FDA95FG-config-log.txt (Size: 10.41 KB / Downloads: 319)
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Hi @Aliciab,

You say you've added the Graphics Rules and Video Cards files but I don't see them... Not that we need them right away, but it's confusing when you say you add them and they're not there.
I wonder, however, why you add a *picture* of a DxDiag screen. It would've been more helpful if you had waited for DxDiag to finish its diagnosis, had then pressed the "Save All Information" button at the bottom, and had finally sent us the DxDiag.txt file that it saved.

I think, though, that it doesn't matter much. This is one of those Win10 issues.
You *do* need to get Kunder's "Video Cards-NEW.sgr" file, because currently your game doesn't recognise the card properly. And then, I think, @catalincriste should help you out further, as they seem to know how to get TS2 to work on newer systems.


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