#1 03-11-2019 
[Image: TS2-DyseneenAndCharlatan1.png]
"I have 37 Simoleons, no pickpocket-related Fears and a Body of 7. Please, please, please pick my pocket, thanks!"

He wandered off and tried to pick some random masseuse's pocket instead. Then he left. Sad

Anyway, these forums didn't have an "All screenshots, all the time" forum or thread. Now, I hope, they do.

Also, hello again. The Acer is dead, a Dell Precision has arisen to take its place, and Simming has resumed. Long live Dell! Smile
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#2 03-11-2019 
Pizza Smile great to see you again.

#3 04-11-2019 
(03-11-2019 04:47 PM)leefish Wrote:  Pizza Smile great to see you again.
And how have you been, Fish Queen? Smile

#4 10-11-2019 
I swear to fish sticks, would you guys just stop getting abducted by UFOs for five stinkin' minutes?!? Glare

I may as well be trying to summon those green-skinned buzzards at this rate! Dodgy


Sorry, that is a members only option