Having a time with Win10/NVIDIA/Directx/you name it
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Good morning/evening from across the globe! Despite religiously searching through all of the previous posts and trying various fixes, my game is dead in the water, so to speak, pardon the pun! A little bit of background: I have all of the original Sims 2 expansions and packs (not UC). I have played on Win10 for a few years now using the No-CD version of the last EP Mansion and Garden, and the 4gb patch. I recently had to buy a new laptop, with dual graphics cards (an Intel integrated and an NVIDIA Geforce MX250). Begin the headache::: the dreaded Directx 9 error!!

Through browsing a lot of previous posts and trying a lot of things, including running in various compatibility modes (which rendered my game completely broken, it wouldn't even run it enough to give me the directx error, it would just tell me that the game couldn't be opened with this version of windows) After uninstalling, reinstalling, and fixing that issue, I finally found a combination of graphics rules that allowed me to play my game (yay!)

After a week or two of play, building up my neighborhoods and families again, I started to have dropped textures and things flashing pink. I looked at my logs and saw that my game was only trying to use a fraction of the texture memory that my card has, so this is when I actually downloaded and used the Graphics Rules Maker to force the texture memory. After using the program, I got the directx 9 error again. No worries, I had backups, so I reverted my sgr files back. No dice, still with the error. I figured maybe the GRM edited some other core files in addition to the sgr file in some way, so I did a complete uninstall and reinstall of my game (again). Put the original files that fixed my game back in, no dice.

For some reason, after using the GRM, my game refuses to run with any settings. Tonight, I even tried to go back and change everything to use my integrated card instead, and still nothing. I will upload a copy of my log file, but it looks a little funny because even though it shows that I most recently attempted to use my Intel integrated graphics, something is still directing it to see the texture memory allocation of the NVIDIA card, which is 4095.

I will continue to tool around with it, but I'm just not sure what else to try. I really appreciate any help you might be able to offer, I know you have a life and really the last thing I wanted to do was have to ask for help! Rofl

Thank you again and I will check back!

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I suggest you try the following:
1. REMOVE the Graphics Rules.sgr file from the game. (The game will create a new file, when it finds this missing)
2. Download and install DirectX11 (This program will coexist with DirectX12 on your system)
3. THEN restart the game. (Do NOT start the game before you have done BOTH steps 1 and 2)

If the game still doesn't play correctly, do NOT run the GRM, but come back here, and post both the newest config-log and a DXDiag.txt report. Maybe we can then guide you through the correct fixes to get it going again.

DirectX9 will no longer work on Win10 systems, and DirectX12 will not emulate the DirectX9-specific functions that the game requires. DirectX11, however, will do it most of the time. The GRM may be a useful tool, but I've found that in most cases it seems to break more than it fixes. And running it multiple times on the same Graphics Rules file usually breaks the game completely, as you have now noticed yourself. I would suggest editing the Graphics Rules file manually, using a text editor. But that requires that you know what you're doing.


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