(FIXED) Bizarre stretched out graphics in 1920x1080 (win10)
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Hey everyone, I'm having a ridiculous problem with the game and trying to solve it is driving me insane. Long story (as) short (as possible):

>I had a laptop with a 18.4 inch monitor and win7 which was running ts2 on 1920x1080 beautifully with no problems.
>The hard disk needed replacing and the pc techs took it upon themselves to upgrade my laptop to win10 without asking.
>I was pissed but I had played ts2 on win10 for years prior so I thought it would be ok after some fiddling, except those other win10 laptops had smaller monitors than my current laptop.
>I did all the basic steps re: graphic rules and video cards, they worked, the video card was recognized, the game was back to 1920 resolution, everything seemed alright, except the graphics went from this to this. As you can see everything is the same, and it's still 1920 fullscreen on the same monitor, except now the scaling is off for no apparent reason and everything looks 'smushed down', it's like the height is shorter than it should be.

Things I have tried so far, none of which have made a dent:
>Reinstalling and running a vanilla game.
>Rerunning graphic rules maker.
>Editing the graphic rules manually.
>Playing in windowed mode.
>Every compatibility mode available.
>Changing my monitor's resolution to 1600x1024.
>The 'Override high DPI scaling behavior' option in the ts2 shortcut.
>Turning vertical sync on for the game in Nvidia's control panel.

For what it's worth the only thing that made a slight difference is when I copy-pasted the graphic rules and video card files from my old win7 hard disk to the new one, and then the 1600x900 resolution was mostly fine except for some blurriness, but at least the scale wasn't distorted. Before I did that the 'smushed down' thing was going on in all resolutions, not just the 1920x1080 one.

This is highly annoying because the exact same laptop, monitor and graphics card were running ts2 perfectly on 1920 a couple weeks back, the only component that has changed is the operating system. I'm having no other problems running the game, none of the well-known win10 difficulties, it's just this one stupid thing that apparently no one else has encountered because I can't find sh*t about it anywhere. The closest I came to finding a solution was this thread but then I downloaded the related windows app and it showed ts2 as 'not dpi aware'.

If you have ANY ideas at all about what else to try please let me know, I have looked at 500 websites in the past 24h, there is no suggestion I won't attempt at this point, my next step is gonna be to partition this laptop with win7. I'm attaching my log, graphic rules and video card files in case there's something super obvious I have missed. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies.

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Do you have square pixels selected? Also, I see you have sim shadows off. Is there a reason for that?

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Hi, thanks for replying! No I don't have square pixels selected, should I do that? I have sim shadows off temporarily till I download the Simnopke Shadow Fix.

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With every new update, Win10 gets more and more fussy, making it harder and harder to get the game to work. And if you *do* get it running, chance are that the next Windows update breaks it in yet another way. So, since you're already considering adding a Win7 partition, I think I will urge you to do that sooner, rather than later. Win7 really is the best way to get TS2 to run properly again.

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Hey @BoilingOil, thankfully I will be able to save my money for now because turning square pixels on fixed it! Thank you so much @leefish! I will definitely get a win7 partition once I get a desktop though, because ts2 on win10 is truly a permanent nightmare. I'm adding 'fixed' to the post title in case anyone else encounters this problem, good day/night to both of you!

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Congratz om the fix. That's great news.

I wonder how it saves you money, though. Making a Win7 partition wouldn't need to cost anything. The partition would be a part of your existing harddisk (that's the meaning of the word. If you were to buy an extra disk for it, it wouldn't be a partition), and since you had Win7 before, you should still have the installation disc lying around.

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Hi again and thanks! It would cost me money because I'd have to pay someone to actually partition the damn thing, I'm too paranoid about pc troubles at this point to attempt it myself.

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@yakumtsaki Ah yes, THAT is understandable. Some of us must pay others to do it, unless they have a friend who can help out.
I am not afraid to do it myself, but then *I* have 40 years of hobby experience with computers. Not everyone is in the same place.

In that case, I'm extra happy for you that the problem was fixed with a simple config setting Smile


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