OH, Man! :(
#1 29-11-2019 
We had a lovely Thanksgiving...... Mostly. Family, Friends, an old man who has no other family, Miss V (My younger daughter, who is in the Army), brought home a Soldier who couldn't go home for Thanksgiving. I made a BBQ'ed turkey, that was AMAZING!, Miss K (My older daughter), did HER first turkey in the oven today, with some help from me. It actually turned out really good. Especially for her first try. We had maybe 20 people at Miss K's house.

Well, a little after dark, Mrs. K (My Wife), decided to go on a hike in the woods with her great nephew, whom had just moved to Texas, just to get him out of Stockton (California). He's 16. She was wanting to re-connect, as she hadn't seen him for a few years.

As things would have it, She tripped on a shrub, fell on her shoulder, down a dry creek bank, and broke her upper arm, RIGHT under the shoulder socket. My Nephew, called us on the cell, and said "Mrs. K", had fallen down and was hurt...... REALLY stupid thing to do! Rattlesnakes, cottonmouths, copperheads, coral snakes, Scorpions, and giant Texas centipedes in that patch of woods. Well, at least she wasn't bitten by any biological land mines.

Well, I damned near killed myself getting to her. Anyways, everyone else but her sister, who stayed with the Grandbabies was in the woods with some really powerful flashlights. She was a good quarter mile, at the bottom of the creek bed. I knew almost immediately, that she had probably broken her arm :^(. She was crying like a nine year old girl. Completely broke my heart, as she doesn't cry easily.

It took us over an hour to get her out of the creek. I had to carry her up the hill part way. Mrs. K isn't overweight, but she's 6' tall, and 175lbs. My other nephew, and niece, whom are both EMT's, looked her over, called an ambulance, and she was taken to the hospital. I've never broken my arm, but I can tell you, she was in a considerable amount of pain. Well, Miss V and I, went to the hospital. I drove, Miss V was in the ambulance with my wife.

She now has to wear a sling, and take pain meds, can do almost nothing without help. Currently, she's in a sling, and even with the potent drugs she's given, STILL in a lot of pain.

I wanted to tell her how stupid it was to go walking in the woods at night, even with a powerful flashlight, but instead, I just held her hand in the hospital, and said "S*** Happens, That's why we have 911". Besides. She knows just how stupid it was to do this. No point in rubbing her nose in it. This was INSTANT regret on her part. I also think she had a few too many glasses of wine, to be walking in the woods. She likes to have a good time, when family is together, and enjoys tipping a few. She doesn't do this often, but she's very independent, and stubborn sometimes. I don't drink, BECAUSE emergencies happen, and I want to have a clear head if something goes awry. Well, tonight "Awry" happened.

Well, my thoughts on this is "Stupid SHOULD hurt". She even voiced that phrase herself, nearly word for word. She's being really hard on herself for being stupid. No reason for me to say anything.

Well, for the next eight weeks, I'll be waiting on her hand and foot, nursing her back to health.
That arm is going to hurt like a B!O&CH tomorrow. :^(
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#2 29-11-2019 
Been there. OUCH! Is it her main arm? I'm a 'righty' and it was my 'left' that got smashed (car accident) but still, I was completely incapacitated. The nicest thing I remember was my dear hubby taking care of me without a complaint. (He even had to wipe for me, I was so debilitated for a while.) The only thing he said was, "I love you!" And, I knew he did.
I'm sending lots of thoughts/prayers/vibes etc your way for a speedy recovery Heart
She'll get through this - and so will you. Be strong. By Christmas things will be a lot better ~ and I hope ya'll will all have a Merry one!

#3 29-11-2019 

It was her left arm, and she's right handed. She feels much better today. I have to do everything for her BUT "wipe". She can do a little more today.

#4 29-11-2019 
Good! Heart ...and now you have something ELSE to be thankful for - no wiping! LOL.
I'm glad she's feeling better all ready - I hope she continues to feel better each day Big Grin

#5 30-11-2019 
All my best to both Mrs. K and you, @Kunder. Hope she'll feel better soon, but yeah, a break like that is going to require quite some time to fully heal. If it even does heal completely.

It's cool that you love your wife well enough to not rub her nose in how stupid she's been, realizing that she knows it well enough already. Praise be to you, my friend!

#6 30-11-2019 
Wow, a lucky escape it seems. I hope that it all goes well with the healing and as BO says, kudos to you for not rubbing her nose in her mistake.

#7 30-11-2019 
Wishing you all the best as well. Smile Breaking an arm especially as an older adult is not a trivial thing. So glad that she is feeling better already.

#8 30-11-2019 
oh wow so sorry to hear that but good thing it didn't get even worse with all the things you mentioned that could have happened! Hope she's feeling better soon and the rest of your thanksgiving sounds so wonderful, having people without family over that's just so nice of you! Wishing you and your family all the best!

#9 30-11-2019 
Yeah, I worked for the DoD (military) for 25 years. Every year, I'd have soldiers over, who couldn't get home for Thanksgiving, including this year. One year, I hosted a group of Russian soldiers for their first (probably only) Thanksgiving. They thought it was awesome, and wished they had Thanksgiving. Smile

#10 30-11-2019 
Thanks Kiri, it's a real challenge.


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