My game keeps crashing, and I can't figure out why
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Since a few weeks my games keep crashing.

It first happened after I edited some of my sims in SimPE using these instuctions. But it didn't crash when I loaded that specific family after aplying the changes. It only crashed after playing another family for 7 simdays. I ignored it at first and kept playing, but the crashing continued.
At that point I hadn't downloaded anything new recently, but I looked into my dowloads folder, and deleted some stuff.

After that not being any help, I started thinking I messed up by editing in SimPE and started looking for another solution to fix my alien eyes, and found the 'creaturefixes' at MATY. So I took out my hood, and put a back up in. Installed the mod, and play tested a bit. Everything seemed fine.
But then, on day 7 in that one family I had another crash, when trying to age up an adult to elder, I've managed to play through 4 birthdays in the same household in the same playsession without any problems.. I've managed to build 3 different houses and decorated all 3 of them without having one sigle crash (another play session).
I started looking for people with that mod who have had similar problems, but no one seems to have that problem.
Hoping it was just a random crash, I reloaded the game, but the game crashed immediatly when I tried to age up that sim again.The next playsession, the birthday went by without problems.

After that I found out the 4GB patch wasn't working anymore, so I did that again.
Thinking the crashing would be fixed I played another household, but after 3 days my game crashed again.

I'm at a loss now, I have no idea what to do anymore. I've done this, and I followed every step from Jessa's video. Since first doing that, I haven't had a single crash, and I now I can't play without my game crashing.
I did the 'hoodchecker' and made it remove the broken stuff, so I'm hoping it's not the hood that's broken.
I would hate to go back again to that one back up, since I made some nice changes in the mean time, but if that what it takes I'll do it, but hopefully not for the game to crash again.

Thanks in advance!

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OK. I'm pretty sure that the crashing your getting isn't because of a corrupted mesh/recolour that you've added. This is because you're getting a protection exception on the lot, not on the object. Thanks for the exception log btw.

You've got the 4Gb patch in - so it's not because of RAM issues.

Your graphic rules is set up fine, and is allowing the game to do as much as it can.

So what is left is that you've corrupted that hood because of the change, and you are going to have to go back to a previous backup. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Sad

It's really good that you have a backup, I hope it was just before you did the change.

Looking at the alien eyes issue - you shouldn't have a corruption in the hood because of this - can you zip up and upload the sim that you did this with so I can have a look to see why it corrupted?

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Thank you for taking the time and looking into this! I appreciate it!

I'm not really looking forward to playing the same families for a 3rd time, or rebuilding all those houses, but if that's what it takes to keep my game from crashing....
The back up is from right before I made the changes in SimPE, I wanted to have a back up in case I messed up.

Just one thing:
I edited things in SimPE because I wanted my alien offspring to show the alien eyes they inherited. When I thought that that editing messed up my game I went back to the back up I made and put in the creaturefixes-mod, but didn't edit anything in SimPE this time.
Both times the game started crashing after a while.
I've looked up the mod I put in, and I couldn't find any one mentioning the mod causing trouble, most people even say it's one of the essential mods.

Do I leave the mod out?
Do you want me to send you the sim I edited myself in SimPE?

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@TanjaVdA This sim of yours has an Alien parent and a normal sim parent, and it shows the normal eyes, I presume?

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To be honest - I would just use a alien eyes overlay from makeup/accessories in CAS. That keeps it simple and doesn't mess around with things that can break.

How old is your hood? How many inhabitants and how long have you played it?

Depending on the age of your hood - there does come a time when the hood is too old to play and it corrupts. I know that a number of people playing hoods that are 10+ years old have rebuilt them a few times now.

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(04-12-2019 11:17 AM)celebkiriedhel Wrote:  @TanjaVdA

To be honest - I would just use a alien eyes overlay from makeup/accessories in CAS. That keeps it simple and doesn't mess around with things that can break.

Exactly what I was going to suggest, if I had confirmation of my assumption. I always use a set of "contacts" to fix Alien children's eyes. Big Grin

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@BoilingOil - the parent of the concerning kid is half alien half normal sim. So the kid has a normal mother but a half alien dad. But I have custom skins, and and the alien eyes don't show up on non alien sims.

@celebkiriedhel - I didn't knew something like that existed to be honest. Just went looking for a solution for alien eyes not showing up on custom skins, and those were the 2 results I got. To be fair, both of them worked, but they seemed to have broken something.

My hood isn't that old, not sure exactly how old, but pretty sure it's not even 2 years old. Play time depends on my mood, but if all goes well, 2 days a week max, if I even get to that, unless I have time off from work. I'm not at home atm, but I have about 10 households, and I think around 80 playables max, some townies, no downtown yet, no uni yet, no vacationhood yet, and I have those mods that stop the game from generating all those townies. The townies I have are the ones I've put in.

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(05-12-2019 12:37 PM)TanjaVdA Wrote:  @BoilingOil - the parent of the concerning kid is half alien half normal sim. So the kid has a normal mother but a half alien dad. But I have custom skins, and and the alien eyes don't show up on non alien sims.

Not automatically, no. It *is* possible that the child inherits the Alien eyes from its half-alien parent, and it also *is* possible that these alien eyes are then made dominant (visible). But the chances are quite slim. And if the other parent has custom eyes, the child most often gets those instead.

Anyway, I would still go for a pair of alien contacts. Ehmmm... Ah, there it is... I'll attach the eyes that I'm using. I know I got them from MTS a LONG time ago, but my memory is a porous mulch so I don't remember who uploaded them.
Just unpack this file and drop it in your downloads folder. Then send your sim to the mirror to change appearance and select these eyes. They may not be the same as the eyes you are used to looking at, but at least they are Alien.

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