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#11 04-01-2020 
i downloaded the UC from the internet . i've done the video card sgr here it is

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I don't see your edit with your device name/number? Did you edit it? And then run the game and see what the new log lists?

#13 04-01-2020 
Quote:Removing the documents folder will not regenerate files in program files, which is where the video cards.sgr is located.

@HugeLunatic, you're absolutely right... I fouled that one up, didn't I? Glad that I said for @simsbabe to wait for input from other users as well... That would've been messy.

#14 04-01-2020 
no i haven't edited it yet as i'm unsure of how it should be laid out as never had to do it before & don't want to mess it up
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#15 05-01-2020 
@simsbabe, that is something I can tell you how to do.

Open the file "Video Cards.sgr" and find the section named Intel. Now create a new line in that section, which reads:

card 0x3e9b "Intel® UHD Graphics 630"

(the ® is created by typing: ( R ) without spaces. Don't worry if it doesn't look like ® in your editor; it will work.)

Then save the file in the folder "TSData/Res/Config" of the latest EP (Mansion and Gardens, EP9 or SP9) and also copy the file to "TSData/Res/CSConfig"

And here comes the explanation of why the line should look like that:
It must be in the Intel section, because in the bit that I quoted from your config-log, it SAYS that your card is an Intel card. If you put it in the wrong section, the game cannot find/match your card. The "card" number is the number that in config-log is mentioned after "Device:", and the name is taken from the line "Name (driver)". This is why the config-log is so important: it tells us exactly what kind of information is missing, and how we need to fix it.

Quote:Name (driver): Intel® UHD Graphics 630
Name (database): Intel® UHD Graphics 630 <<NOT FOUND IN DATABASE!>>
Vendor: Intel
Chipset: Vendor: 8086, Device: 3e9b, Board: 85ff103c, Chipset: 0000

The following is not important at all, but it is funny: the Vendor number for Intel is 8086, the same as the original microprocessor that all their modern processors are based on.

#16 05-01-2020 
thank you i'll let you know how i get on x
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#17 05-01-2020 
it didn't work please help me i still get the directx 9c error have i done it right

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#18 05-01-2020 
Well, I'm not sure you really want the actual ®, or just type ( R ) like the others arein the video card.sgr. But what does your config log say? Does it recognize your video card?

And this isn't guaranteed to fix it, but it's the first step. Another thread on here links to installing Directx11 (?) which worked.

#19 06-01-2020 
yes it does does the config log text log look right?

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#20 06-01-2020 
still doesn't work where's the thread about directx 11 x


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