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#21 06-01-2020 
I was virtually certain that it should look like "( R )" (without spaces) in the editor. But as long as the config-log shows it right, you should not worry about it.
And no, fixing this one thing is NOT going to fix your DX9 problem, but it still was important to do, in order to prevent other problems from cropping up later.

Here's why you have DX9 problems: Windows 10 comes with DX12, which does not support DX9 operations. And even if the installation of DX9 works, DX9 will still not work, because Windows 10 doesn't support it. That's why DX11 is required; DX11 does support the DX9 operations, and it can be installed on Windows 10 systems, even if DX12 is already there. So here is what you do:

Google "directx 11 download" and follow the link that comes up. This will get you to the Mixcrosoft website for DX11. Simply download and install from there.
No the DX9 related problem may be fixed, but there may still be problems after that. All you need to do, if that happens, is post the newest config-log. If we need anything else, we will let you know.

#22 06-01-2020 
what do you do with the technology update TIA
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#23 06-01-2020 
The important question is: How many "Download" buttons do you see on that page? I see only one, so I would press that!

I'm guessing the "Technology Update" stuff is just a term they used to promote the DX11 package, as it was an upgrade over DX10, no doubt.
But I must admit that, as a Win 7 user, I don't need DX11, because DX9 works peachy on my system. So I cannot say with certainty what would happen.

#24 06-01-2020 
i downloaded it & still won't work please help TIA
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#25 07-01-2020 
One question: after downloading it, did you also install it? Because that is an essential part of it, of course.
If you did not, then do so now.
But either way, someone else must help you further, because I have done all I can.

#26 07-01-2020 
yes i did i will wait & see what others say thanks


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