Do you know how to read Sims2Exception?
#1 21-01-2020 
hey there guys!
so, i've been playing with the picaso family for some time (not a lot) in belladona cove. they're living in a house that i downloaded. both of them are using cc (jessica has cc hair and makeup, matthew just cc hair). my game always crashes at the same sim hour (around 4 pm). i found some sims2exception files from today when i was playing and i would like to read them so i know what is happening with my game. the problem is... i don't know how. i only see a bunch of numbers and letters and... is so confusing. does someone know how to read them?

i'm adding the last sims2exception! maybe you need it, i don't know
thanks in advance! Heart

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Exception files are probably of much more use to actual programmers than anyone else. I think that even most modders wouldn't know what to do with them.
I suppose the only people who can really figure out from them what's going on, are the coders at Maxis/EA who created the game.

And with exceptions there are actually two files, one with a .txt extension (text file), and one with an .mdmp extension (memory dump file). The least readable of the two, the .mdmp file, is probably the most informative to those coders.

Regarding the problem that you're encountering, it's probably much more useful to find out which custom objects are present, what each of them does, and if removing them makes a difference.

Also, since you mentioned that they live on a lot that you downloaded, there is even the possibility that the problem was downloaded with the house. If this is true, the house may need cleaning. I wouldn't know how, because I never do downloaded lots, but others here may be able to tell you how to go about this cleaning.
And if worse come to worst, you may even need to move the family to a different lot, and get rid of the house entirely.

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Thank you for your reply, @BoilingOil !
I didn't know that about the Sims2Exceptions. I guess I'll move them and delete the house, I don't wanna put in risk my game. Confused


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