Changing Prices on CC Stuff
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LOL Smile No... come to think of it, you haven't Big Grin

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Well, I love your gift for gab. Big Grin

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Here ya go: The Ultimate Ceiling Superset
I knew there was another ceiling set I'd seen somewhere. It just took me a while to remember/refind it!
[Image: MTS_StephSim-1155007-10SistineChapelInEntirety.jpg]
Some of the "Tapestry" panels were a little stretched for my liking (if I remember correctly) but the overall effect is amazing!

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...eep. O_O

That is ludicrously impressive! After I fix my latest crashing bug, your Ultimate Ceiling Superset and Ocelot's muscley summer dresses are the next goodies to go into Pizzatron's little Simmy universe. Thankies! Smile

Edit: Oh, wait. I might already have those Sistine Chapel goodies. I'll download and (re)install them anyway, just to be sure! Wink

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Oh. It's you again. How's your little buddy Prah doing these days?

What are going on about? And who is Prah?

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Yeah, the OP, Pizzatron, is obviously right about this.
Over at GoS, about a month ago I requested two old but beautiful bathrooms sets be made pet friendly (enable dog washing), only to realize a couple of weeks ago that both sets had those ridiculously low prices. And just now I also noticed that one of them also has astronomically high statistics (Comfort/Hygiene/Environment). So I just edited my request to fix those things as well, or not bother at all. Very frustrating to run into this kind of thing.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but price isn't the only thing that can influence a Sim's environment status, right? For example, in the bathroom, the various tubs and showers have different ratings that seem to affect which bathrooms Sims prefer to use. Some tubs and showers actually have an Environment rating, while others don't.

Ideally, the Sims Community should set up pricing and statistical guidelines for everything in the game. For example, make the cost of an item dependent on it's stats. In the case of a bathtub that has ratings for Comfort, Hygiene, and Environment, make each rating point worth, say $25. So a bathtub with ratings of say, 4, 5 and 2 in those three categories would have total points of 11 and thus cost 11x25=$275. And also stipulate that ratings cannot vary from one another by more than a given number of ratings points (to prevent creators from maxing out one rating at the expense of the others).
Yeah, even without knowing anything about SimPE, I can imagine this would be a major PITA and there would be no guarantee that creators would follow the guidelines. It would be something that would have to acquire an inertia of it's own over a period of time, with enough of the most active modders agreeing to participate.

Question: Does changing the price of a Maxis item make it CC?

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No - changing the price of a Maxis item doesn't make it CC. It (the price) won't even convey with the packaged lot. BUT - the price of your house will be different than what the DLer sees when they put the lot in their hood.

I'm not sure that object prices have much to do with environment score - I thought that was a completely different set of numbers? (I think wall/floor prices DO have an effect; but not objects.)

When I re-arranged my EAxis+CC buy catalog, I did it so similar items would line-up next to each other in the catalog view. So, all my shower stalls are together (in price order of cheapest to lux) then comes all my tubs (cheap to lux) then all the combined shower/tubs... etc. When I'm 'playing' I don't really care about economics (that's not fun for me!) But, order - having it in order - that makes it a lot more enjoyable.


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