Make object clip through floor/ceiling
#1 07-02-2020 

I was wondering if/how I could make an object clip through the floor/ceiling I'm hoping it is just a matter of adding a bhav.
It's this moon lamp from lidiqnata (actually the bigger version of it but since it is slaved I guess the change has to happen in the master anyways)

I wanna place it between two floors and the surrounding tiles being glass like. However when I try it the floor tiles on top make it dissappear completely which is why I would need the clipping.

This is kinda what I want but as soon as I put floor over or close to the moon it disappears:
[Image: zqspcI.jpg]

It will probably not be the only time where I'd love to play with something purposely clipping through the floor so if this isn't too hard I'd love to learn how to make objects behave this way.
Thanks for any help!
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