Cooking Up More Hobby Dorms
#1 11-02-2020 
I love Freetime. Doesn't everyone? I also love University. Not everyone loves University, but I do. So naturally, about half a decade back, I came up with the idea for Hobby Dorms, so that Sims might indulge in their favorite hobbies, hone their mastery of mitigating idleness and, perhaps, earn a little extra money to help cover college expenses (at least for nine hobbies out of ten; sorry, Sports, but you're still practically useless).

Unfortunately, at the time, I was haunting that one big site with the domineering clique full of passive-aggressives and their beloved Dislike buttons, so my idea for sharing my hobby dorms went over like a uranium balloon. But, nil desperandum; even if no one else wants hobby dorms, I still do. So I just build them for myself these days. And the liberating thing about not creating them for upload is that I can toss in Custom Content with wild abandon and no one will care. So I still piece together a new hobby dorm — with or without CC — from time to time. And this is one of those times.

Each hobby dorm is themed to focus on one or two of the ten hobbies; in the case of two-hobby dorms, the hobbies are connected by either practicality (ie. Nature Sims grow and/or catch the food, and Cuisine Sims cook the food) or a shared Personality trait (ie. Active Sims can excel at both Fitness and Sports). And there must be objects in each hobby dorm for building all seven Skills, whether or not the themed hobby includes objects for any particular Skill (ie. Games has the bowling alley to build Body skill, but Arts & Crafts has no Body-building objects and therefore must borrow them from another hobby, be it Games, Music & Dance, Fitness or Sports). And decorating each dorm with objects that can be Viewed for a quick shot of hobby enthusiasm (ie. molecule models for Science, sports pendants for Sports, racks of china dishes for Cuisine, gardening tools for Nature, damned near everything for Arts & Crafts....) is practically mandatory.

And, with that in mind for however many years, I've come up with, built and completed several hobby dorms so far:

Planned / What I Yet Need:

• A "Dinner and a Movie" dorm [Hobbies: Cuisine + Film & Literature. Connection? Both are Lazy hobbies.]
• A "Simba Dance!" Zumba-like or Jazzercise-like dance studio/dorm [Hobbies: Fitness + Music & Dance. Connection? Both are Outgoing hobbies.]
• An "Industrial Art" dorm [Hobbies: Tinkering + Arts & Crafts. Connection? Hobbies for Nice Sims.]
• A dorm for Music & Dance alone.
• A new replacement for the Hwang Motors Dorm (see below), with fewer dorm rooms, more vehicle bays and possibly a "scrapyard" full of discarded appliances, electronic toys and plumbing fixtures that Sims can Tinker with.
• Anything else?

Under Construction (in my special University subhood where I can build, clone and test dorms before completing them, turning them into dorms with the ChangeLotZoning cheat and packaging them):

• The Brick Gymhouse (Hobbies: Fitness + Sports. Includes plenty of exercise machines, workout mats and kickbags, with an indoor basketball half-court (made possible with the Move Objects cheat), a soccer net on the roof and a swimming pool as a "moat" around the entire gym so that Sims can swim laps.)

• The Hypatian Archive (Hobby: Film & Literature. The dorm's very large library is loosely modeled after surviving depictions of the Library of Alexandria, and the whole lot is named on behalf of Hypatia of Alexandria, two wonderful Late Roman and Alexandrian things that the early Christians wantonly sacked, destroyed and/or brutally murdered by way of saying, "Thanks for converting to Christianity and liberating us from Roman oppression, Emperor Constantine! Now screw off!" Highbrow historical references there, right?)
(I need to throw out one of those ShinyTyme stoves and pave a walkway up to the entrance, come to think of it. Sadly, that rolling bookshelf ladder doesn't actually move anywhere, but it's not like Sims need to climb that high to get books from those two-story in-the-wall bookshelves anyway. The "Film" part of "Film & Literature" will be served by movie props and a small movie theatre or two in the library's top floor.)

• Wild Deuce's Cards and Lodging (Hobby: Games. Includes a cards den or two, a small bowling alley, a video game arcade and a swimming pool where Sims can play "Klimtog Turno" to build Body and Games enthusiasm at the same time, in case that bowling alley alone isn't enough.)

Completed and In Use:

• Hwang Motors Dorm (Hobby: Tinkering. Themed after a small automotive factory or garage with crew living quarters. In hindsight, I should have taken out half the dorm rooms and added more vehicle bays. Students buy their own junk cars, of course.)

• Fruityboo Farms Dormitory (Hobbies: Nature + Cuisine. Themed to resemble a small to mid-sized farm with a large, rustic kitchen and a creek for fishing. The water tower doesn't actually do anything, alas.)

• Abstractivism NOW! Quarters (Hobby: Arts & Crafts. Themed to resemble an "art village," albeit with an Upper Class "Artiste" half and a Lower Class "Bohemian" half. Includes a two-story art gallery for student-submitted paintings, a still life painting studio, a live Figure Drawing studio, a pottery room and a sewing room.)

• Bellum Center for Xenobiology (Hobbies: Science + Nature, with a bit of Fitness thrown in. Includes a large rooftop stargazing area with telescopes, an attached greenhouse, a stock tank for various fish species (and no rules against fishing, yay) and an outdoor fitness area because daggit, if those wily extraterrestrials insist on kidnapping and probing Simmy astronomers, then those Sims might as well be physically fit enough for space travel!)

Ex-Hobby Dorms:

• Vanity Orchard (Hobby: Nature. Vacated, cleansed and bulldozed because a few placed objects made the whole lot buggy. The objects were identified and removed from the catalog — and from all lots in the game — soonafter.)

• Chef Rocco's Dorm (Hobby: Cuisine. Cleaned out and bulldozed because of a terrain bug which blocked vehicles on the adjoining street and, as this was shortly after Vanity Orchard's demise, also bulldozed in the advent of creating the Fruityboo Farms dorm to take both their places...not that there's anything wrong with single-hobby Hobby Dorms, mind you....)

So what are some good ideas for new or future hobby dorms? Is there anything that I should alter, cut out or replace? Is there any CC that I should download, install and plunk down somewhere to make those dorms even better? Which hobbies do you and your Sims like to play with most of all? What's the temperature of a Baked Alaska? I'm all ears. Smile
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#2 13-02-2020 
wow those are some creative builds!!! I love how the moat goes all the way to the house I would've never thought of doing that but it creates a nice effect, just thought I might try that next and then maybe use numenors wall windows on some parts of the story below to look out into the pool wonder if that works.
I love the abstract one just the look from the outside it's really cool how you put it all together, whenever I try to do something like that it just ends up ugly..
oh and someone else but me who takes screenshots with the grid visible Wink I always forget to click away before taking the pictures and don't realise it until after I closed the game...
You didn't picture the movie theater but just in case there are two big screens on mts for creating a theater one with transparent back and one as a large flatscreen
don't ever let others discourage you from building your way!


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