I need help with a bit of a conundrum.
#11 24-09-2020 
(15-02-2020 08:37 PM)CatherineTCJD Wrote:  Any ideas on the next step I should take?

I don't have HL's technical knowledge, but could it be that the problem is not caused by the difference in hardware but by the different game setups between your two computers?
The download page for these fences looks fairly involved. It's actually a set that includes recolorable floating stairs. Dumb question, but do you have the Scriptorium installed, as well as the text file for the Chic stairs inside the Scriptorium? In other words, have you followed all the prerequisites listed on that downloads page?

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Yes Rob. Done and done. I actually ended up substituting a different fence - which works Wink

[Image: MTS_CatherineTCJD-1952945-01_Title.jpg]
Upload = BumbleBee Farms

[Image: MTS_CatherineTCJD-1952183-01_Title.jpg]
Upload = Four Gables Farmhouse

Thanks for thinking with me though... 'cuz these porch railing still won't show in my Win10 game (which right now, is the only machine/game I can use.)

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Oops, I didn't realize the thread was six months old.

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It's OK - no worries. I would still like to find a solution for the problem Wink

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So you have the Scriptorium and related text files for the Chic stairs installed?
Does this problem happen with Lots you build on the Win10 computer? If you were to rebuild one of these Lot on your Win10 computer, or at least the porch part of it, will the problem persist?

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Yes, I have scriptorium - and all pertinent files installed.

Yes, problem exists on all lots (freshly built or imported) on my Win10 machine.

The icon is empty in the catalog, and this fence - only this one and it's top 'rail', goes up invisibly.
Other fences have no problems.
...Now, I don't have all my fences on this machine... only a few that I have 'needed' when building.
So, maybe other CC fences are affected too? This is the one that got itself noticed.

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(24-09-2020 04:35 PM)ScaryRob Wrote:  Oops, I didn't realize the thread was six months old.

The age of a thread only matters if you're planning to add irrelevant nonsense. When you have helpful information relevant to the issue, adding that to an old thread is never a problem.


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