Securom removal and no disc patch?
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Windows 10 (64-bit)
So I've been kinda bashing my head into trying to figure this out all day. Now I'll start by saying it technically works without me removing securom however I just don't want it on my computer, and on top of that I have no disc drive so I have to use a usb one every time I'd like to play this.
As far as the securom removal part that gave me no trouble it came off surprisingly easily with the removal tool. The problem comes in when I'm trying to get the no disc patch to work. Any of the ones I've tried just give me a "You are running the wrong version of The Sims 2. Please run The Sims 2 Fun with Pets Collection instead." I've tried replacing both mansion and garden stuff as well as pets however nether work. When trying to run the original versions of the exe files it just asks me to insert a disc with no wrong version error so I can't help but think that I'm in the right place. Also yes the patch exe files were renamed to what they're suppose to be. The list of discs I used are

Apartment Life
Best of Business
Bon Voyage
Double Deluxe
Fun with Pets
Glamour Life Stuff
Open for Business (note I did not install it with best of business)
University Life
Happy Holiday Stuff

I'll be honest I have no idea what order I installed them in aside from the fact that Double Deluxe was first and Glamour Life was last. If any aditional info is needed pet me know I can provide more as needed.

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After removing securom you need to use a no-cd, else it won't work. You have Fun With Pets, so in the folder SP9 you run the Sims2EP9.exe. You need a no-cd for Mansions & Gardens, no other will work.

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As I mentioned I tried that and it still gives me the "you're using the wrong version" error. The one labeled old is the original one, the other is the no cd. The original one gives me a prompt to put in the disc.

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Ok, try this version, named George. Another member here made us aware of this version, and it is supposed to work with both the disc-based version AND the UC.

Good luck.

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Apartment Life did not come with Fun with Pets. It has Pets, some SP and M&G (which is folder SP9 but with an exe of EP9).

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Tried the new exe, still getting the same error.

As far as the overlap goes if I recall the only weird bit is Best in Business and Open for Business where I installed the standalone Open for Business before getting the compilation. The compilations are also smart enough to not try to install the same pack if you already have it installed, Open for Business was greyed out in Best in Business if I recall. (But yes my collection of discs is kinda a mess due to collecting them over the course of like--15 years)

But yeah I'm not exactly sure what it wants. It seems like it successfully bypasses the disc check then gets hung up on a version check. For what it's worth the Double Deluxe launcher still gives me the insert the disc error which is making me wonder what exe file it's targeting. . .Oh I forgot to mention the store edition got it's self installed somewhere along the line while I was installing things, does that matter in any way?

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@HugeLunatic said
Quote:Apartment Life did not come with Fun with Pets. It has Pets, some SP and M&G (which is folder SP9 but with an exe of EP9).

Of course, you are right... my bad.

@Blue64 -- The "Store Edition" you say? Yeah, I would think that that changes things. Anyone agree with me on uninstalling that pack?
BTW, I hope you're not trying to run the game from the DD launcher. The only launcher you should be using, is the one that starts Mansion & Garden Stuff. Anything else will give you the "wrong version" error for sure.

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Ah, Store Edition. I think you might have to completely uninstall, use a registry cleaner, and then reinstall. SE is considered the latest EP, so I don't think the no-cd for EP9 will work.

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Yikes--Really that much to rip Store Edition out? Suppose it'd be too much to ask for EA to make things easy haha. . .well I'll try wiping SE out and see if that changes anything. While doing so I suppose I can eliminate the normal Open for Business and just use the compilation version.

YEP Store Edition was the problem. Once I reinstalled it without SE it worked just fine. Thanks so much for the help!
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@Blue64: I'm glad we could help. Enjoy your game!

@HugeLunatic: when I saw SE mentioned I knew right away that it was trouble. But I had no idea that SE would be considered the "latest EP". Thanks to you I know more now.


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