BODYSHOP Purple!!! help
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Hello Everybody,

I am out of ideas and I'm starting to get a headache with making my bodyshop working.

I have the sims 2 UC installed on my new Windows 10 pro computer that i bought specially for movie making with sims 2 matters.

Since yesterday I've been trying to get my game to work and eventually i finnaly got trough! by looking at god knows how many threads tutorials and programs and stuff over the internet...

Annyway when i tried to open bodyshop from my latest EP (M&G) it wouldnt open, no chance at all ! It would crash before the loading window could come up.

I then thought maybe i should patch bodyshop with the 4GB patch, and miraculously It did help and loaded completly without crashing. :bunny:

Now new problem is this:

[Image: getimage.php?file=1910389]

[Image: getimage.php?file=1910390]

I really don't know what to edit what to change anymore... Something tells me, I'm sure the problem is in the graphic rules file but I dont know what to change in order to get the purple pink away from bodyshop.

Please I beg you, wonderful wizards of Modthesims! Please rescue :cry:

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