The Sims 2 Bubble Up Hot Tub by poppet-sims Converted to The Sims 3 Please
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Good Afternoon Simmers,

I hope You and your Family’s are Safe & Well during this Covid-19 Pandemic.

I had sadly taken a very long break from playing The Sims 3. But due to being off work because of this Covid-19 Pandemic I thought it would be a great time to get g in to Playing / Building.

Unfortunately, due to my Autism that is as far as my abilities go Playing, Building / Creating. That is one thing I would love to do is Mod / Creating Custom Content.

So, this is why I am looking for someone who can help me Convert poppet-sims Bubble Up Hot Tub for The Sims 2 to The Sims 3. I have permission from poppet-sims to Convert this Hot Tub as it Recolors from The Sims 2 Base Game Hot Tub the only change is the Lattice Work has been removed from the back.

I have added below the messages between Myself & poppet-sims to prove I have permission. You can download the Bubble Up Hot Tub on poppet-sims Tumblr Page also this Hoy Tub Measures 3 Squares by 3 Squares on the Sims Build Mode Grid which can also be seen on Image 2 which I have attached to this post.


Hello poppet-sims, I hope you are well? I have just found the Hot Tub you made for The Sims 2. I was just wondering if you would give me permission to get your Hot Tub to work in The Sims 3? As I need an above ground Hot Tub for a build I am doing at the moment. Kind Regards a-b-pearce



Hiya. Those were just recolours I made of a mesh that comes from the sims 2, I forget which expansion pack now, so my permission isn't needed for that. If you do want to convert the one from the game though and use my textures then that's completely fine Smile


The only thing other than the texture included with my download is a default replacement which was made by a simmer who's no longer active. The one from the game has s little lattice fence around it, the default replacement removed that


Hello poppet-sims Thank you so much for all your info and giving me Use of your Texture. If i find someone to build it I will let them know. Sadly my creative skills only go as far as Building in The Sims 3 I am unable to Mod or create Custom Content for the Game. Thank you so much once again Poppet Sims. Kind Regards a-b-pearce

Here is the Link just Copy & Paste into Internet Search Bar.

I look forward to your responses and Hope someone out there would be willing to take this on.

Kind Regards


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