#1 03-05-2020 
I haven't played Sims 2 in quite a while, close to a year. Well, I spent last weekend just playing Sims. Had to remember where everything is located. I've spent most of the time in Pleasantview, playing Sims I don't normally play:

Well, Coral, and Herb Oldie took in Lilith (otherwise, she runs away from the Pleasants). She grew up well, and went to college. Herb passed away right before she went to school. Right after she got out, Coral passed. Poor Lilith Sad. Don't feel too sorry for her though, she's the ONLY one who got anything from Herb, or Coral. Plus, she inherited their big house, and 315,000 Simoleons. She became a poacher, and now, makes some serious bucks!
Herb, and Coral, are resting now in Pleasantview's "Thy Judgement Cometh Soon" Cemetery.

Lilith met a young, handsome, fellow poacher, named "Ford Harrison", Fell in love, and got married, and moved into the "Oldie house" with her. Now, they're "rolley in the Simolie", bringing in Mega Bucks! They'll be starting a family soon. Smile Lilith has an AWESOME Trophy room now!

Angela, was engaged to Dustin in college. Dustin graduated first, moved across the street from Brandi Kunder (his re-married mother). Angela followed after her graduation, and married Dustin. She is now pregnant with their first child.

I played The Burbs seriously, for the first time ever. When Lucy turned into a teen, I did "Plastic Surgery" on her, 'Cuz, she kinda' ugly. That turned out fantastic, and is now the prettiest of all my Maxis Sims! Gorgeous!
Lucy is a natural "tinkerer", and so far, has restored five cars. She EARNED her first car, by restoring the junk CC body! She's currently restoring number six, and seven. Smile A worthy pursuit for a young, teenage girl.

I also introduced a couple more CAS families. The Kofers, The Ramsey's, and the Khypr's. Haven't had a chance to play them much. I'll update on some others soon if you like. Good things coming to Darren, and Dirk Dreamer. Big Grin

Well, Guess I've bored y'all enough for today... Happy Simming! Smile
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#2 04-05-2020 

What's a "poacher," Sim-wise? Undecided

#3 04-05-2020 
Someone who illegally shoots animals for profit. There is a "Poacher" job on MTS somewhere you can download. It's one of the highest paid Sim professions.

#4 06-05-2020 
I was wondering if it was like a wildlife poacher, or something else. Thanks for clearing that up. Smile

#5 06-05-2020 
The only other kind of "Poacher" I know of, is one who poaches eggs for breakfast. Tongue

........That would be me. Big Grin

#6 06-05-2020 
Hey, I've poached plenty of eggs myself. When you raise chickens, you tend to eat plenty of eggs. Wink

But in the past few years, I've adopted a preference for basted eggs. Oil the skillet with plenty of oil, crack the eggs into the skillet and the layer of oil, cover with a skillet lid, shake the skillet around now and then so the hot oil sloshes across the tops of the frying eggs, and maybe every now and then, take the lid off and use your spatula to scoop some of the oil across the tops of the eggs, just to be thorough (since sloshing the oil might not cover the centers of the eggs). It's easier to burn the eggs when you baste them (and the edges of the eggs do tend to be a little bit crispy even if you cook them right), but basting spares you the hassle of having to flip the eggs (much like poaching does), and it's one of the quickest and most thorough ways to cook eggs, great for when you only have five or ten minutes to grab breakfast, get in the car and drive to work. Wink

#7 07-05-2020 
I like poached, Over Easy with runny yolks, sunny side up, and scrambled. I cook my eggs on a cast iron griddle, or outside on a seasoned, granite cooking stone. Smile


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