I miss you all <3
#11 23-05-2020 
We were never on lockdown of any sort. Lot's of people in masks though.

#12 24-05-2020 
I am still working (from home two days of the week and popping into the office on the third day) and so is my husband. My son has been furloughed so is home a lot. My middle daughter is still working (teacher) and her partner is furloughed. My eldest daughter now has a franchise with Specsavers in the hearing dept, is working but not properly, her husband is still working. Furloughed means that the government is currently paying 80% of their salary and the employer is paying 20%.

#13 25-05-2020 
@Karen Lorraine

I'm still retired. Smile

#14 05-06-2020 
Man, now we're actually on curfew from 8pm to 5am because of all of the rioting...
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#15 06-06-2020 

We got wind that they're planning a protest in the town I live near. MANY, many people here, made comments in the local paper, mostly "Protest? fine. However, if you start destroying things, you're going to get hurt".

It is legal to use lethal force in my state to stop the commission of a felony, stop possible grave injury to others, to protect yourself, your family, and property, and the citizens here, aren't playing. They're DEAD serious.

Hope it doesn't come to that.

#16 06-06-2020 
Yeah, Kunder - We're about the same over here. When we were curfewed several nights ago our Sheriff, Grady Judd, said to the potential rioters, "If you value your life, they probably shouldn't do that in Polk County. Because the people of Polk County like guns, they have guns, I encourage them to own guns, and they're going to be in their homes tonight with their guns loaded, and if you try to break in to their homes to steal, to set fires, I'm highly recommending they blow you back out of the house with their guns. So, leave the community alone."
We haven't had any problems Big Grin
For the record - I do NOT own a gun. I think it's fine for others to have them, but they are not for me personally. I am happy to live in an area that supports gun ownership.

#17 06-06-2020 
Attitude is the same here, in Burnet Co. TX. I'm going over to my daughters house next Friday night. She lives about a quarter mile from where the protesters will be starting. I'm going with SKS, and AR15 in hand. I have a Daughter, and two grandbabies to protect. My prayers are, that it doesn't come to that. Shooting someone, is a TERRIBLE thing to have to do. God, I hope things are peaceful.

#18 07-06-2020 
@Kunder I'm over in Canton, about an hour east from Dallas and 30 or 40 minutes west from Tyler. We're big on firearms too, and we'll be ready for the rioters (even though we're probably too far from the major cities for them to swing by and bother us).

The only gun owners who worry me are the ones who decorate their lots with those "macho" signs that more or less say "Please, please, please cross this fence so I can commit murder legally! Yay, Castle Law!" But the rest of us aren't like that; if we have a chance to convince a burglar or a looter to stand down and wait for the police to arrive, then that's what we'll do. Of course, having a weapon at the ready tends to make a person more persuasive when trying to convince the criminals to surrender, right?

(Unfortunately, I'm between firearms at the moment; the Mini Uzi in my closet is broken, it's not exactly legal to wield and I don't have any ammo for it anyway. So I'd have to settle for thumping the scumbags into submission with my old police baton (and hoping that the scumbags didn't bring any firearms). I'm pretty handy with that baton, at least. Smile )

#19 08-06-2020 
Your "Uzi", if it's semi-auto only, is classified as a pistol in Texas. thus, legal. However, they're TERRIBLY inaccurate. Get an AK, SKS, or an AR15. I hunt with mine, they're reliable, usefully accurate, and cheap to shoot, unless like me, you use Match Grade ammo in the AR. Stay safe! be careful!

#20 08-06-2020 
I'm in NYC so it could be interesting. We've had an 8pm curfew for the past week.


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