I miss you all <3
#21 11-06-2020 
Yeah, I think that's the issue: I don't believe that the Mini Uzi's full auto setting was ever disabled. As for inaccuracy, I suppose that's the whole point of submachineguns: when you want something that's lightweight and easily portable yet capable of crowd control (read: encouraging the bad guys to keep their heads behind cover by spraying lots and lots of bullets in their general direction), you reach for a submachinegun. At least some of the SMGs (like the MP5 which helped make H&K famous) are accurate enough to be used in police Tactical teams. But, true enough, those SMGs don't include anything from Israel's Uzi family.

I guess if I absolutely, positively need something with more range than the baton, I always have my Swiss Arms TG-1. It's just a .177-caliber break-barrel air rifle, but it can shoot with a muzzle velocity over 1,600 FPS, kill a mature opossum with one shot and punch a lead pellet through a license plate at 20 paces. That's worth something, right? Wink

(Edit: Is it just me, or do this site's Quote and Quickquote features need a bit of work?)

#22 11-06-2020 

OUCH! You couldn't PAY me to live in NYC. That SUX!

#23 12-06-2020 
Hi! Miss you ladies too. I'm fine. Just staying home and quietly losing faith in humanity.

#24 12-06-2020 
Ladies, he says... Ladies... How are your periods, @Kunder? As dry and uneventful as mine? And the migraines? I have terrible migraines as of late!

#25 12-06-2020 
Who would like a chat date? I'm happy to coordinate it if enough people are interested.

#26 13-06-2020 
Sunday? Pick a time.

#27 13-06-2020 
(12-06-2020 05:16 AM)fanseelamb Wrote:  Hi! Miss you ladies too. I'm fine. Just staying home and quietly losing faith in humanity.

hallo Fansee, long time no see, hope you are well.

#28 14-06-2020 
Chat date: Sunday 21 June at 3pm BST

I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone Smile

#29 15-06-2020 
YES! That sounds great!

#30 15-06-2020 

YEP! dry, and uneventful.... Until my daughter comes over during a PMS episode.


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