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I’ve recently started playing Sims 2 and I’m quite attached to my family (and the Simoleans I’ve built up!). I’ve now managed to download a copy of Sims Ultimate and wanted to know if there was a way to keep or transfer my family/house across?

You guys already sorted my graphics issues so I’m hoping you’re able to help with this

Thanks guys

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I have never heard of "Sims Ultimate", so I'll just assume that you mean "The Sims 2 - Ultimate Collection", or "UC" for short.

What you should do, is find the entire "EA Games" or "Origin" folder in the folder "Documents", and copy this folder to the desktop. Then you should also copy the Video Cards.sgr and Graphics Rules.sgr files from your config folder to the desktop.

Then uninstall the Sims 2 Base Game. If I'm correct, this will also uninstall all the expansion and stuff packs.
Then use a cleaning program like CCleaner to remove all TS2 remnants from your registry.
After that, install the UC.
Put the .sgr files from the desktop into the SP9/TSData/Res/Config folder, and also copy them to the CSConfig folder.
Then, BEFORE putting your Original TS2 files back into the "Documents" folder, first do a test run of the game.

If everything works, then you can find out where the new "The Sims 2" folder in "Documents" is now created. Delete that folder, and put a copy of the "The Sims 2" foder from the EA Games or Origin folder on your desktop, in its place!

If all goes well, then you can now continue the family in the new game. If it does NOT go well, you will at least have a copy of the folder saved on your desktop, so you can try again.

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Sorry I do indeed mean Ultimate Collection. I’ll give this a go, thanks very much.


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