Sims 2 UC & CEP etc
#1 28-05-2020 
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Just installed UC and have headaches. First, I have Windows 10. I can'r figure out the CEP Program Files part. The My Documents is all okay. Also, the collection files don't seem to exist -- the EA icons are there - there's just nothing in the collections. I can't find any IKEA items (like Anes or Malm irems), so my CC linked there are all blue. I am bewildered and upset. Understand that I am a bedridden person, and don't see well anymore. The computer gives me so much pleasure -- the Sims 2 being paramount. I don't understand the install instructions for the CEP program files and am wondering if this is playing a part in me not seeing Maxis items. If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate the help.

#2 02-06-2020 

Is there a possibility for you to dual boot Win10, with Win7? Win10 is at a point where Sims 2, is a no go.


Sorry, that is a members only option