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These are the meshes from Paladin's single-tile pet beds, but now corrected to satisfy "Buy a Pet Bed" wants. Made in response to a request by ZephyrZodiac.
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I've used quite a few mods by others, thus taking FROM the community. With the work that *I* create, I'm hoping to give something back TO the community.

Do with my work whatever the &#$% you like. If you re-use, edit and republish my work, I consider it a compliment. Especially if you let me know about it, and mention me in the credits.

But, although I would *appreciate* the note and the credits, if you choose to be a dick and act as if YOU created my mods, there's not a whole lot I can do to stop you, so I won't even TRY.


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#2 22-01-2011
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Do I need to redownload the beds from simwardrobe in order to use this? I got rid of those pet beds because they didnt satisfy the wants, but since you made this, I'll use them again. So...are they included in this download or do I need to get them again from there?

Also, do toddlers use these?

Thanks, BO!

#3 22-01-2011
You *do* need the original beds from Paladin's Place ( Once they're installed, you unpack my mod in the same folder and let it overwrite the original files.

If toddlers will use them, I really wouldn't know... I've never had pets and kids in the same household Wink


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