Non-Sims - What "Netbook" to buy...
#1 09-07-2020 
Hubby needs to replace his old Acer Aspire One (circa 2002-ish) It came with XP Rolleyes, now he's got Linux on it. It's not quite dead yet, but it does not have long for this world *sigh* Flower

After looking at what's out there on line as a replacement, he got confuzzled about eMMCs and SSDs and HDDs, and what-all has what. I said, "WAIT! I know some very smart people - I'll ask at LeeFish!" So... here I am... asking.

What he wants:
Netbook type of machine with a keyboard and a screen. Not a 'pad' (and not full Laptop)
Windows 10 - He will mainly be surfing the web, for news, email, replying to posts, etc
Needs to be able to run photoshop - so he can edit and post snapshots
Needs an SD card reader - his other machine doesn't have one, and ...snapshots
He will not be playing graphic intensive games - no Sims or Dragon Age for him
He needs to be able to install the programs he wants to use - so no Chromebooks
The under $300 price category would be nice
NOT refurbished.

Thanksies! Big Grin
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#2 10-07-2020 

For $300? Not refurbished? I'm sorry, not likely. You're not going to get a new machine that meets his requirements for $300.

You MAY want to take a look at the HP Pavilion 15, with the AMD, A8 processor, and R5 graphics. You MIGHT get one for around $250-$300, but it won't come with an SSD. You'll have to do that, yourself. You'll need another 4gb stick of ram too, for a total of 8gb. It has two ram slots Not too difficult. You can also install 16gb/RAM in it. 2x8gb/ PC3L-12800s ONLY! I THINK the model number is HP15 f387wm, IIRC. It's a touchscreen model. If you manage to find one, make sure you get a backup battery ($15-$25 USD). Pretty reliable, and it WILL play TS2 fairly well, but NOT on Win10. My wife had one for three years. I ran hers, with Win8.1Pro, but it's a Win10 machine. It has the build quality of an '85 Yugo GT, but if your careful with it, it'll be fine. You'll be able to use it for 4, or 5 years, before it starts getting "loose". Here is a review on this particular model:
Pretty good budget computer. I put my wife's together, 12gb/RAM, 256gb/SSD, for right at $200, that included what I paid for the "Bare Bones" system.

If you look on Ebay a bit, you MIGHT be able to find a Lenovo T450, but it has a "U" designated processor, and video, isn't that great. GREAT battery life, though. Tough running Photoshop on it.

The HP Stream 14, will be tempting if you run across it. It's only good for a light, Linux distro, like Peppermint, or Linux Mint/MATE. It's a REALLY crappy Windows computer, nowhere capable of running Photoshop. I recommend the HP15 f387wm, I mentioned earlier in this post.

Good luck, if you have any more questions, just ask. Smile
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#3 11-07-2020 
OK - Thanks! @Kunder He read all that; and wonders what your thoughts are on these 3 machines?

Would really rather NOT have touchscreen - but understands he may have to have it. (Is there a way to turn that function off?)
He NEVER plays big graphic games. (He won't even play solitaire - sheesh!) Rolleyes
What does Windows 10 in 'S' mode mean? Can he install his own programs? We don't use the cloud... nor Cortana. Ever! We also don't use MS Office, and never will.
This will be his only Windows machine that connects to the internet. (He keeps an old XP machine for his Finale/music software and a Linux PC for everything else.)
Do any of the above machines have an SD/camera card reader? (He can use my laptop to read his card, but it'd be nice if he had his own...)

I'm looking forward to hearing your reply. If one of these machines will work for him, then I'll have some money to get serious about a possible dedicated TS2 machine from you. My old repurposed W7 machine has started acting strangely and it's not turning on properly. O.o

#4 11-07-2020 
Hate to tell you, they're junk. all three of them. They won't do the job with an "N" processor. They have no storage, and no where NEAR enough ram, to do what he's wanting to do, and no upgrading. These pretty much are designed to take notes, run office, and surf. That's about all they're good for. No better than a Chromebook. They're easy to break, and VERY, very, slow! If they break, there's no fixing them. They will NOT run Photoshop well, if at all.

Just because you have touchscreen, doesn't mean you have to use it. my wife does, I do not. Her computer has a touchscreen, but when I'm working on it, I don't use it at all.

Windows "S" is very restricting. Avoid it. You want Win10 Home, or Win 10 Pro. You can download it directly from MS' website, and use MS installation media, creation tool, to help install it. You'll need a blank, 8gb flashdrive.

Yes, the HP15 f387wm, have both, and SDcard reader, and a webcam.

Get the HP15, download Win10 Home, make the Media Creation tool (instructions are on the MS website).
Order a four gb stick of PC3L-12800s, for $20. This will give him a total of 8gb/RAM. It will take up to 16gb.
Get yourself a 240gb SSD, you can upgrade to a larger capacity one later. They'll run you about $30.
Get a small, Philips screwdriver, a couple of guitar picks, or an old credit card.

The Ram, and SSD, can be purchased off Ebay.

If your HP15, comes with Win10 installed:
You can clone the 500gb Hard drive, over to a 500gb SSD, with Macrium Reflect, or you can just deal without the blazing speed, and use it as is. Either way, I'd get more ram for it. 4gb/RAM just DON'T CUT IT these days.

I've had three of these machines, and they're pretty capable, for the money. Also, if you want a "Simming" machine, you can get the SAME computer, and install Win8.1 with Classic Shell. It'll run TS@ well enough to play. Not the BEST Simming machine, but capable of playing it. WIN 8.1 ONLY!!!

Honestly, you'd be better off, with a Lenovo, T440p, if you don't mind a little weight. It'll last for YEARS.
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#5 11-07-2020 
OK - I'll try to explain - NO, I'll just let him read your post. I thought maybe W10-S was NOT a good thing. Grrrrr. Why do they build stuff they don't want people to use?
He really doesn't need a powerful machine. That's what his Linux is set up for... He just needs to be able to email and read his news forums while not sitting in his studio at his big rig. (Kinda like what most people use their phones for, I guess?) We don't have cell phones. (I hate phones - they are rude! And, when I want to call someone I pick up the old fashioned telephone and dial.) Rolleyes He thought about getting a phone instead - but he wants a keyboard and a bigger screen.

When it comes to a simming machine for me - I want to be able to have all my CC! And run TS2 (only 2, not 3 or 4 or...) Well... and maybe DragonAge 1 and 2 (not 3 cuz you have to be on-line for that.) But, that's all I want on the machine. I will not take it on-line for anything. So an older operating system that plays well with TS2 is what I'll want.
My Win 10 machine can handle all my other business stuffeths. (Photoshop, open office, and scads of picture files.)

Thank you for your advice Wink

#6 11-07-2020 

You're welcome. Smile

Sounds like an nVidia powered, T440p, would work just fine for you, to play Sims2, and earlier Dragon Age, or a W540. Both run Win7 flawlessly.

The only hang up to your husbands computer, is that he wants to run Photoshop. You need half way decent video for that. Otherwise, even an old T400, with SSD, and Win10, would work. Even a newer, T450 will work, and has a little better video than the T400. Don't know if it'll run PS, though.

If all he's doing is what you state, WHY does he need Win10?. Win7Pro, with Free, Avast AV, MalwareBytes, Ccleaner for keeping things cleaned up, and Macrium Reflect for doing backups, is all he would need. Don't forget, Win10, is just as vulnerable to Ransomware, and viruses/malware, as a Win7 machine.

I use the W540/Win7Pro, as a "Daily Driver", and it is the best "Simming" machine out there AFAIC, unless you're using a desktop/Win7.

The T440p, nVidia, or not, will run TS2 just fine. You'll need the nVidia, for running DA though.

The only downside to a W540, is the left side of the palm rest, can get pretty warm when gaming sometimes. There are things you can do about that though.

I included a review video in an earlier post of the HP f387wm. Have him, AND you, take a look. It's quite capable, for what it is.
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#7 11-07-2020 
He doesn't really want W10 - it's just that the new machines all come with that.
If it came from the factory/new with a USB port, and it is now "refurbished" will it still have said USB ports?
Finding T400/T450 is difficult! I'm finding a LOT of T430s though...

OK - he just got a T430S from Overstock. Refurbished, with W10 Pro and an SSD, for $263.
It sounds like it will be more than he needs. But there, it's done. Big Grin

Now I can think about a dedicated TS2 machine for myself. YAY!
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#8 11-07-2020 

I've been seeing this conversation for a few days, and forgive me if I'm mistaken, but it seems to me like something is going wrong.

Quote:If all he's doing is what you state, WHY does he need Win10?. Win7Pro, with Free, Avast AV, MalwareBytes, Ccleaner for keeping things cleaned up, and Macrium Reflect for doing backups, is all he would need. Don't forget, Win10, is just as vulnerable to Ransomware, and viruses/malware, as a Win7 machine.

I use the W540/Win7Pro, as a "Daily Driver", and it is the best "Simming" machine out there AFAIC, unless you're using a desktop/Win7.

@Kunder, why are you continuously talking about a "Simming" machine, while Cat's husband -- from what I understand -- is NOT going to play any graphics-intensive games at all? ALL that he wants, is to be able to read SD-cards, run Photoshop and surf the net.

#9 11-07-2020 
SHE is wanting a Simming machine. HE wants something that will run Photoshop. I made recommendations for both. There's no confusion here. Smile

#10 12-07-2020 
It's all good Smile

I know a lot of people share computers - I just figured that's what Kunder was thinking. LOL! I'm an only child (read: No share! *stomp foot*) and hubby has what I call "an over-developed sense of personal property" (said because - well... *stomp*) So, no. We do not share machines. Each one of us has our own - there are at least 7 machines spread out amongst 3 people. Rolleyes

And we take really good care of them, so they last forever. The only one with a shiny new machine is our daughter - she got a ROG gaming rig last Christmas (Sweet 16) for her first non-hand-me-down machine.

I think he/hubby will be happy with the machine we got him - it's certainly a better machine than his old Acer Aspire One! (That thing is almost 'vintage'!)
And with the low price we paid, I can seriously look for a dedicated TS2 machine.

So... AFTER hubby's little think pad gets here and we know it will work and we've got all the little periphery things we didn't know we were gonna hafta buy etc...
I want you guys (Kunder and BO) to figure out the best TS2 machine I can get. Because I'd really like to PLAY the game (as opposed to what I normally do - which is build in an empty hood with limited build-only CC - because I don't want it to crash or everything to turn pink or whatever-else goes boom these days.)

Please? ...and Kunder - will you build it for me? (I'm in FL - shipping shouldn't be too bad.)
Please? Blush Flower


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