OMG *gasp* Hard Drive Failure *gasp*
#11 23-04-2022 
Yeah, I would mostly agree, Lunie. But this has never been a site that came down hard on necromancy. And I've been told that I can be too harsh sometimes... So I try to be careful.
The thing is, this same user posted the exact same thing a week before, and the spam-filter stopped him that time. Then he comes back after a week and puts it up AGAIN. So now I had to slam him for it. But if you have the power and are convinced that he should be stopped, I'd say "Go for it, girl!" I'm not stopping you <3

#12 26-04-2022 
Haha! I have no power. Big Grin Necromancy that adds no value is just a peeve of mine. You can be harsh, but tbh, I've always figured it was an English isn't your first language sort of thing as well as just being a blunt straight to the point person. But I get the being careful thing, I can be far too blunt at times as well.

To be on topic? My pc died, but it appears to be CPU failure and and hard drive. I've been able to recover a good majority of stuff, but not all.

#13 27-04-2022 
Over the past 40 years, whenever the option was available, as well as every time I was alone in RL, I've always prefered using English over the native Dutch. For subtitles, software installations, online activities... anything. I talk to myself in English, and whenever I do remember having dreamt, I'm most certain that I dreamt in English. I've also been told so often by native English speakers that they tend to forget it's not my native language, even though they actually know it, that I feel like I shouldn't use the 'English isn't my first language' excuse.

About being blunt and straight to the point, yeah, this is most certainly true. It's a Dutch trait that will probably never leave me. We say things exactly the way we see, feel and think them. If someone smells really bad, we don't keep our mouths shut and simply open a window. We just ask the person in question when was the last time they took a shower. That gets the point across without beating around the bush. And we don't wait for a private moment, either. Everyone present is allowed to know that we touched on the subject.

Still, this board isn't in Dutch, and most of the members and visitors aren't Dutch, so I should exercise some restraint. I'm still learning.


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