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#1 05-08-2020 
[Image: TS2-IrkyClothes01.jpg]
High heels are not underwear!

[Image: TS2-IrkyClothes02.jpg]
High heels are not swimwear!

[Image: TS2-IrkyClothes03.jpg]
And what kind of madwoman would even think about playing soccer/futbol/footie/that sport or running a treadmill in a gown like this?

Why do some clothing makers do this? Dodgy

Anyway, we all love our Sims (...or so I expect...), but surely we all have those little things about Simming that irk us. What are your Simmy irks, from minor annoyances to pet peeves? Smile
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#2 15-08-2020 
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You can just recathegorize the custom clothes in SimPE it's really easy. My pet peeve is how fast this game has random bugs like this doesn't work, this makes it lag, cool my sims are randomly black and white, oops it crashed again, right now it doesn't even launch T_T

#3 25-08-2020 
It does seem like TS2 is the glitchiest, most easily corruptible entry in the entire Sims series.

...and yet I wouldn't trade it for any of the others. Go figure. Tongue

(As for recategorizing outfits, I have a mind to do that before the next time I create more "vacation hoodies". Convert a few warm, thick, fluffy, wooly Outerwear outfits to Everyday outfits, then dress my new Mountain townies in those. Convert a few Swimwear outfits to Everyday outfits, then dress some new Tropical townies in those. Maybe a few exotic-looking Formal outfits would make decent-looking Everyday wear for some Far East townies. The conversions should work fine as long as I don't make any custom vacationhoods that are too far crazy, like an all-Winter Tropical subhood. And that's just for the Bon Voyage natives, mind you; given how the tourists manage to get around all three types of vacation hoods, I probably shouldn't give them anything but their usual temperate kits, lest we end up with bikinis in the mountains and fur parkas in the tropics.)
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#4 26-08-2020 
More whining ensues:

1) All-on-one packages.

[Image: TS2-CompleteSkinSet.jpg]

I'm really glad that I found the Complete Skin Set; it has a huge assortment of skintones and bodyshapes that I might otherwise have never had (including Girl Next Door, Theresa, Classic Pin-Up Natural, and so on). But some of the skins in that pack aren't so great, like ones with meshless, flashing blue high-heeled shoes (for the Naked state, mind you). But as I was swiftly reminded, if you Delete the offending skintone or bodyshape in-game and it's part of an all-in-one package, all the other options included in that package go down the toilet with it. So either you flush a ton of good things along with the bad thing, or you're stuck with the bad thing in order to keep all the good things.

2) Cryptic file names.

[Image: TS2-CryptoFilenames01.jpg]

Most modders and stuffmakers are thoughtful enough to give their creations descriptive file names, whether for their own benefit or for ours. I can look at those file names in that pic and immediately get an idea of what that .package is and does; in this case, it's a bunch of skintones and one skin overlay for PlantSims. If I need to root through my Downloads and dig up a certain package, file names like these will help me get what I came to get.

[Image: TS2-CryptoFilenames02.jpg]

...and then we get to file names like these. What in blue blazes do they do? Why did I download and install them? Is one of these files the hot tub mod that's crashing my whole game? How can I tell what's what? Did the modders and/or stuffmakers responsible for this mess not realize that we've been able to incorporate descriptive words and complete sentences in our file names since Windows 95?

[Image: TS2-CryptoFilenames03.jpg]

The only way to get those answers is to do a Search through whichever directory you keep all of the downloaded .zips and .rars in, and hope for the best. Good thing I never throw any of those away (unless either they're absolutely useless or they do more harm than good). And that's a chore. Why do people do this?

Discuss, if you like. Undecided

#5 27-08-2020 
I know the SW files are from SimsWardrobe/Paladin's Place - the same place you got those awesome swords... They are keepers in my book (unless it's been improved upon over the years, of course.) Wink

The gobbldy-gook alpha-numeric 'names' can sometimes be figured out easier with the CleanInstaller.

Good luck Big Grin

#6 27-08-2020 
Well, I'm not sure which swords you're referring to (unless you're talking about all the snazzy Accessory swords from Blue Heaven Sims), but I definitely mentioned those arcade games once or twice, and that Knowledge-Want-fulfilling Crate of Throwing Axes about twice as often as that. Sims Wardrobe goodies tend to be keepers, definitely. Big Grin

I'll try Clean Installer and see if it can help me figure out those rubbish file names. I understand that I can rename those file names (ie. from "a1cnaio1u1aca1wadasadas.package" to "SmackMortimerGothUpsideTheHead.package") without killing my whole game; I may just do that. Thank you. Smile

#7 27-08-2020 
I thought you had SW's dueling swords? Sorry... maybe I'm not remembering it right?
Yes - you can rename it anything you want. You only have to be careful when renaming hacks/mods that change the games programming; because those files need to load in a certain order - sometimes.
Have fun! Cool

#8 02-10-2020 
[Image: TS2-FeedingBVLocalsWhetherIWantToOrNot.jpg]
"Well, I was going to take all this food — food that I paid "Fridge Tax" to get before I could cook it, bear in mind — and eat it myself, or maybe feed a few other people in my household. But I guess I'll feed you random nobodies instead." Dodgy

And while I'm cooking, they sit down and do their little "Wait for Food" action, like they expect me to feed them! Go get your own food, you frackin' vultures! Glare


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