Good old Sims 2 Ultimate DirectX issue
#11 19-08-2020 
Hi @rainbowroof,

Your terminology is a bit confusing. Where you say "the program to get the extra RAM", everyone else would simply say "the 4GB patch". But that's not a problem Big Grin.
And yes, you had selected the correct executable to be patched, but I don't quite see why Lunie linked you to this specific patch, because that's a complicated way of patching the game. Using it may require all kinds of professional trickery, such as "running as administrator" and "disabling windows securities" to allow .exe files to be altered.

A much easier time is had, when you download this patch instead. When you unpack this file, you will see that it contains a Sims2EP9.exe. This is an already completely pre-patched version of the executable you need, so you would simply have to move or rename the original, and put this new version in its place.

Now, there is a problem with that, too. Windows security may still detect that the Sims2 executable has changed, and will then undo the changes. That is because you installed the UC under "C:\Program Files (x86)"... This is a path that was created when Windows was installed on the machine, and windows security will guard programs in this folder against such tampering.
It would've been easier if you had installed "The Sims 2 etc" in a path like "C:\other games", because windows will not try to protect the files there.

However, do not immediately try to follow my instructions, but wait for what else @HugeLunatic has to say about it.

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What can I say? English isn't my first language! (:

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Yeah, mine either. That's why I said it's no problem. Don't worry about it, friend.

#14 29-08-2020 
I linked to the program that fixes the exe to work with more than 2gb of RAM as I didn't have a link to the no-cd. Smile To use it, simply move the .exe to the desktop, run the program, then move it back. Else use the no-cd BO linked to.

Replace the games .exe with the one BO linked to, then immediately white list it in whatever AV program you use. Origin will not be called when using it, and Windows doesn't actually care. The only issue is with your AV program.


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