Various WIPs (and even a few completed)
#1 18-08-2020 
I've been going through some of my half-started and half-thought about ideas as I've resurrect my neighbourhood onto my Win 10 / Origin UC system (if I wasn't married and male I'd have the writers of Graphics Rules Maker V2 64-bit babies!)

Break Up By Phone
This mod permits Sims to break up (going steady/committed relationship, engagement or marriage) by phone. No longer does your Sim need to invite their soon-to-be-ex over just to have an argument with them! And related, Notes on Custom Phone Calls - my musings on voyages and discoveries while making the Break Up By Phone mod.

Various Spells
This mod contains a number of spells (mostly evil) inspired by these posts (11409/11410) at MTS. The mod also provides a framework for making the task of adding new spells easier. Most of the code for casting spells is common, with just the conditions (reagents, alignment, skill, etc) and outcome being spell specific. The framework is mainly configured via BCONs for most spell casting actions, with just the outcome needed to be coded in BHAVs.

Better Scope Room
This global mod changes the universal "X is HOT!" message after a Sim scopes the room to one that reflects the actual attraction the Sim feels towards the target of their affection. It also adds a similar message when checking out a specific Sim. The single "X is HOT!" message had always bothered me, but when HobbesED wrote their "Secondary Aspiration Attraction" mod the finer grain values prompted me to finally do something about it.

Instant Pledge for Greek Houses
If my playable Sim wants to invite another Sim to join their Greek House, I don't want to wait while they clock up the pledge time before they can move in!

Run Away - Teen Sim Interaction
Improves the "Run Away" interaction a couple of other mods provide for more story-telling usability, in that the teen changes into outdoor clothes and runs to the nearest portal before fading away. Memories, wants and fears for both the teen and family members are included

Pregnancy Test Kit
A working pregnancy test kit with extra InTeen options and better animations. Also has an option for Sims who have suffered morning sickness to use the test autonomously.
There are two basic tests - "Am I Pregnant?" and "Pregnancy Details". If InTeen is installed, and the Sim has a bio clock in their inventory, there are two additional options - "Take Morning After Pill" and "Take Termination Pill".

Info Card
When read, the Info Card provides a small boost to a skill or badge. The card was designed to be placed beside exhibits in a museum or art gallery (community lot) to educate the Sim about the associated item.

And finally some multiple tile wall-art
2-tile Angel and Demon Mural
3-tile Mud Flap Girl Mural
2-tile Romantic Couple Mural
3-tile Olympic Rings Mural

Use/Abuse as you wish. Please feel free to ask any questions, make observations.


#2 24-09-2020 
Many of these look incredibly useful - Thanks! Big Grin


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