#21 31-08-2020 
(30-08-2020 03:59 PM)CatherineTCJD Wrote:  Yay Rob ^
...and - in case you didn't notice yet - Chrissy's windows do NOT have the super-cool sill like Lee's do (that match the original.) I think I ended up deleting all of her windows except for the 'sidelights'...

Happy simming! Celebrate

Yes, for me, match is match ......

#22 31-08-2020 
Why can I only click that 'heart' once? ^^^ Heart Heart Heart

And - Woah! Great idea HL! To throw everything in a lot, package it up, then delete...
That is going to save a lot of pencil lead around here Celebrate

#23 31-08-2020 
(31-08-2020 07:02 PM)HugeLunatic Wrote:  Place all the windows you don't want on an empty lot, package. Then open it in Clean Installer and delete those files from your downloads folder.
Okay, sounds like a good trick, I'll do that - thanks.

(31-08-2020 07:29 PM)BoilingOil Wrote:  I know you're not a player as much as you are a builder, so I imagine you won't have a lot of mods, if any at all. But if you do, you may have heard of deleting the groups.cache, every time you add, remove, or replace one or more mods. THis thing with the thumbnails is something similar. Your game responds better it you remove the BuilModThumbnails.package after removing some buildmode objects. The same goes for ObjectThumbnails and buy-mode items, or for CASThumbnails and all the stuff you use to create a sim!
I figured the game regenerating the thumbnails is what you were getting at, but I wasn't sure. I'll get in the habit of doing that. So if I were to delete all the thumbnails, the game would presumably regenerate them next time it loads?

I actually have 29 files in my Downloads/Mods folder. Here's a pic of my Downloads sub-folders:
[Image: DLFolder.jpg]
Each of those subfolders are further sub-divided into the various sets of CC from the various creators, as necessary.
So I don't have everything just thrown into a single folder, lol - that would be a nightmare to say the least.
I just reinstalled the game a week or two ago and still haven't reinstalled all my CC.
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#24 01-09-2020 
(31-08-2020 11:56 PM)ScaryRob Wrote:  So if I were to delete all the thumbnails, the game would presumably regenerate them next time it loads?

Not immediately. Because it isn't exactly like the mods. Mod-information is immediately regenerated, because the game needs that info directly upon loading.
Thumbnails are only regenerated the moment the game needs them, but finds them missing - which is, as soon as you open the appropriate catalog. This means that as long as it's not needed, stuff will remain un-indexed. But when you put a sim in front of a mirror to, for example, change her hair color or hair style, as soon as you start scrolling through the hairs, their thumbnails are regenerated as required. If you have a sim buy new clothes, while scrolling through the available outfits, they will be regenerated. And when you want to place a door, or window, or any other object, the relevant section of THAT catalog will be dealt with.

As long as there is still stuff to regenerate, the game may be slower to scroll through those sections. That's why I suggest ONLY deleting the Thumbnail packages that are affected by the changes you make. If you only remove files from the BuildMode collection, you do not need to remove any Thumbnail packages EXCEPT the BuildModeThumbnails. Adding stuff never requires the removal of Thumbnails packages.

Mind you, it doesn't hurt if you delete all of them. The game *will* restore them when needed. It just makes using those catalogues slower while not everything has been regenerated yet.


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