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Ever ran into the Drama Professors? They love everyone at first sight, and hate it when their affection isn't reciprocated. Nobody would want such lechers to teach their children anything!

As requested by Zirconia Wolf, lecherous sims no longer exist once you've installed this patch. Obviously this mod requires UNI, since without that there ARE no lechers.
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I've used quite a few mods by others, thus taking FROM the community. With the work that *I* create, I'm hoping to give something back TO the community.

Do with my work whatever the &#$% you like. If you re-use, edit and republish my work, I consider it a compliment. Especially if you let me know about it, and mention me in the credits.

But, although I would *appreciate* the note and the credits, if you choose to be a dick and act as if YOU created my mods, there's not a whole lot I can do to stop you, so I won't even TRY.


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#5 15-02-2012
Awesome I always wondered what was with those NPC's with there messed up icons above their heads.

#6 15-02-2012
And now you know: they were created to be idiots Big Grin

#7 17-02-2012
If I could have ranked up that reply I would have lol. Big Grin


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