Which video card do I buy? Please help?
#1 15-09-2020 
Background - in case you need to catch up: The Continuing Saga of Catherine's Computer (not very catchy, I know, but fitting, non-the-less!) Confused
*sigh* Well... after keeping my old Win 7 machine for a month, the local tech dude finally gave it back, with the new HD installed.
If you remember my earlier desperate "HELP" post... All tech dude had to do was wipe my newish HD (it had been used-for-about-2-weeks a couple years ago, with a Vista install on it,) stick it in my machine, and install Win7 on it. It took him a full month - and just short of $200... *grumble*

Anyway, my new-ish HD is now working great.
The clone I made of my old drive was fine for what I needed - to save my old program files/etc. Thank you for all your help on that Flower
Nothing was lost - everything is back up and running smoothly.

Or was... until today. Today, I got a black screen. It's my GPU. (Not the monitor. Not the cables.)
So - I went back to my old (and now severely mutilated) Vista corpse - got that old graphics card, and swapped them out.
Since that old card is really very ancient (2007), it's sister SLI card bit the dust years ago, and it's been used pretty hard - I know it's on it's last legs, and needs replacing. ASAP.
But... I have no idea what card to get?

The card that just died was NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 - and I liked it just fine for my TS2, Dragon Ages, and PhotoShop Elements 4.

The ancient card that is filling in right now is NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT

My OS on that machine is Win 7 (I'll attach the CONFIG log from yesterday - on the GTX 650 card)
That machine is an old HP Pavilion P6330f

I want the best fit for that machine and TS2 (and Dragon Age - but, that's extra)
Any ideas?

I got this one: MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti DirectX 12 GTX 1050 Ti GAMING X 4GB
I hope it will be OK?

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#2 16-09-2020 
No idea on cards. I know when my card died I bought a cheap one from an Amazon reseller, my criteria was that it would have been a great card in about 2012 and suited to my win7OS. Works fine on Win7.

#3 16-09-2020 
Thanks Lee. What card did you get?

From everything I read, this card - GTX 1050 Ti - came out in 2016, and has had a lot of good reports from the TS2 community. I'm hoping it's 4GB ram will allow the most CC in my game Big Grin

I also found a benchmark for it (somewhere? notebookcheck.net?) that said it plays nice with the Dragon Ages too. Cool

#4 17-09-2020 
Hi Cat,

Being a GTX 1050 Ti user myself, I can say that getting such a card is a great choice for playing most games under Win7, including TS2. I'm extremely happy with it. The only thing that I cannot say too much about, is the CC part. I've never had much more than 2GB, and no extremely high-poly stuff. But I've never encountered anything that the card wouldn't properly display, either, even in 3840x2160 resolution.

If you can acquire one of these, you're set!

Good hunting!

#5 17-09-2020 
I have a Win 7 Gateway gamerf machine with the 1050. Great card. I also have the 970 in my Win 10 pc. Also works very well.

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Can't help you with the card - I just bought one myself and the price made my eyes water. But congrats on getting your HD back and everything working again. Your case has reminded me that my back up HD (old) is going and I really should do something about backing up stuff elsewhere.


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