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#1 15-09-2020 
I played with the resolution on my system, and found a change where I could actually read file names and such. I loaded my game to check out a bunch of clothing from a new site (to me), and when I created a sim, they were all washed out, the face and chest bright - so bright I couldn't really see the clothing or even the sim. I had no idea what to look out, but when I went into game config, then options, I found Free Will shaded out, and the option to take away the shadow my poor sims walk in -- like they are walking in a black square that walks with them. They were not shaded out before. I put my resolution back to where it was, and there is no change. I am miserable. Yes, it is UC. Deb

#2 16-09-2020 
Hiya Deb - My first thought is: are you on a lot? Free Will and that Shadow option (top left option, if I remember correctly) are only available from inside a lot, not in the Hood screen.

The rest - I have no clue, sorry! But, I hope you can get it fixed Big Grin

#3 16-09-2020 
For that sad making black square use this

#4 04-10-2020 
Well now there is something new. I am trying to attach a screenshot. If you van enlarge it, you see something intersecting the fridge...whatever this is, it's like an arrow, with the end of it stopping with my toddler! I tried to delete whatever it is, and my toddler disappeared. She came back when I exited and re-entered the game. I hope the screenshot can be seen, and someone knows what the heck it is. It's so weird. Deb

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#5 04-10-2020 
At 400x300 resolution it is not easy, but it can be seen. Alas, I cannot tell you what it is supposed to be or do, though... Never before have I seen this thing.


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