Lots of Lots, lots of testing...the hated testing.
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ZOMG, I have so many Lots that are WIPs it's not funny. Probably 25-30, several of which are completely done and just need testing. I hate, hate, hate the tedium of testing. Find one little aggravating thing and you have to move the Sims out, delete the Lot, put in a new copy, fix, put the Sims back in, re-test...on and on and on. Yeah, of course I usually make sure to find all the glitches and then fix, but sometimes it's just one little thing...grrr.

I should be "working" on these, instead of uploading pictures of them, but here are my current Desert WIPs, because I happened to have a desert hood loaded.

Pharaoh-3BR: A house with royal pretentions, especially inside. Or is it pretenses? 95% done, then testing.
[Image: Pharaoh.jpg]

I'm making a series of desert townhouses, all in the same style and ranging in size from 1BR to 4BR. I have one more to make, the largest. Their streetside facades will mesh with one another, like rowhouses, so a player can place them side-by-side in any order:
[Image: Desert-Hood-1.jpg]

[Image: Desert-Hood-2.jpg]

DesertNomadHouse-2BR: A Lot inspired by a real house in Tucson, Arizona. I had this uploaded to MTS a few years ago, but I want to make a few minor changes to the landscaping:
[Image: Desert-Nomad-House-01.jpg]

[Image: Desert-Nomad-House-Ext1.jpg]

[Image: Desert-Nomad-House-Ext2.jpg]

Desert#03-4BR: About 85% done. It has a few too many cypress trees right now and I need to lower some of the landscaping at some of the lot edges, among several other things. Then testing...
[Image: Desert-03-Ext1.jpg]

[Image: Desert-03-Ext2.jpg]

Townhouse#02-3BR: Done, needs testing. Pretty much loaded, with large basement pool, spa, gym, 6 terraces, more. I tried making the house in the shape of congruent cubes, like this:
[Image: cubes.jpg]

It kind of worked, somewhat
[Image: Townhouse-02-Ext1.jpg]

[Image: Townhouse-02-Ext2.jpg]

HalstonHouse-4BR: Inspired by the real Halston House, a modern rowhouse in Manhattan whose most famous owner was the clothing designer Halston, back in the 70s. This obviously needs some attached rowhouses alongside. Matching the street facades will be easy enough, but the roofs also need to somehow be made to match and work.
A truly cavernous interior has the ground floor living room open all the way to the skylight on the roof. Garage, elevator, lofts, catwalks on the upper levels, lots of stuff. Plus a penthouse that not only has a bedroom, but also a living room, full second kitchen and full bath. Plus the roof terrace.
This has been on the backburner for a couple of years, so it will be a while, if it ever sees the light of day.
[Image: Halston.jpg]

Street facade
[Image: Halston-House-Ext1.jpg]

[Image: Halston-House-Ext2.jpg]

Ground floor living room and second floor loft
[Image: Halston-House-Int1.jpg]

Various third floor rooms and catwalk looking down to the living room two floors below. Second floor bedroom also visible at bottom of picture
[Image: Halston-House-Int2.jpg]

Penthouse and roof terrace
[Image: Halston-House-Int3.jpg]

ThreeColumnHouse-2BR: Done and needs testing. A really nice backyard, with the pool nestled in the luscious landscaping. I really ought to test this and upload it because it's not that big a house.
DONE AND UPLOADED: http://www.simfileshare.net/download/2084739/

[Image: Three-Columnhouse-Ext1.jpg]

[Image: Three-Columnhouse-Ext2.jpg]

[Image: Three-Columnhouse-Ext3.jpg]

Brutalist#07-2BR: Done and needs testing. DONE AND UPLOADED: http://www.simfileshare.net/download/2074779/
[Image: Brutalist-07-Ext1.jpg]

[Image: Brutalist-07-Ext2.jpg]
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I love these!!!

#3 24-09-2020 
Hiya Rob wave
Those look great, and I can relate! Though, it's not the testing I hate so much as the prepping-the-photos and wording-the-upload-posts. For some reason, that's where I get bogged down... then I get fatalistic about it - because who really cares? I put all this 'work' on myself, and for what? I don't get "featured" (so maybe my builds are crap?) Then I remind myself I'm in good company - Johnny, Helena, and the Rush boys never got their feature/Oscar/Grammy either. *sigh* Then I find myself building another really complicated grid-adjusted side-split masterpiece, and realize I'm having fun doing it. So I clean/prep some photos, and get something uploaded.

I have a rotation/list on my desktop - right now 2 are ready for upload, 3-4 are photoed and ready for picture cleaning/prep, another 3 are tested and packaged, but not photoed yet. And I have 4 that I've spent the last week building in game, that are just about ready for testing.

I've been dealing with a lot of computer issues too, lately. Sad ...I just wanna build.

You've got a really good handle on that Brutalist style! (I always end up sticking in too many windows - which ruins the effect.) The Halston place is really interesting too. I'm really glad you are using a little bit of Build CC; it is just necessary sometimes.

Are you going to upload these to MTS? Or, just keep posting them to SFS. How are you promoting your builds? I mean, besides posting about them on S2A/here. Do you have a Tumblr?

Keep up the good work Big Grin I am enjoying the 'show'!

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I don't understand why you did it all AGAIN. I offered to split these posts off of the other thread for you... would have saved you the trouble, if only you told me what you wanted the thread to be named... Oh well, I'll destroy the posts in the other thread then...

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(24-09-2020 04:26 PM)BoilingOil Wrote:  I don't understand why you did it all AGAIN. I offered to split these posts off of the other thread for you... would have saved you the trouble, if only you told me what you wanted the thread to be named... Oh well, I'll destroy the posts in the other thread then...
It was just copy and paste from the other thread, no big deal, took only a minute or two.
You "edit" the other thread, copy the text, and post here.
The only thing I couldn't do is delete the other posts, since only sysops seem able to do that.
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(24-09-2020 04:18 PM)CatherineTCJD Wrote:  Are you going to upload these to MTS? Or, just keep posting them to SFS. How are you promoting your builds? I mean, besides posting about them on S2A/here. Do you have a Tumblr?

No uploads to MTS. I used to, but took all my stuff down from there a couple of years ago. Many little aggravations at that website, including their choices for "Picked" and "Featured" Lots. They "Pick" Lots from people that don't even allow their Lots to be shared or included in uploaded neighborhoods. I'm thinking of one creator in particular. "Picking" or "Featuring" creators with this attitude is counterproductive to the health of the community, in my opinion. Why would someone spend countless hours making something only to not allow it to be used? Weird.
I do post pics to this thread at MTS, although not everything, along with links in my signature.
I have preview pictures and download links in this thread at HugeLunatic's website, as well as identical posts in this thread at Garden of Shadows.
I also have links in my signature at all three of the above sites.
I just got a Tumblr account recently, so I might use that too.

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(24-09-2020 04:18 PM)CatherineTCJD Wrote:  The Halston place is really interesting too.

Yeah, definitely interesting, especially the real-life stories surrounding it. There are a lot of pictures on the internet, including floor plans. It originally wasn't built for Halston, but for a previous owner, in 1968.
From what I've read, this place was "party central" for the trend setters in New York, back in the 70s and 80s. After the likes of Liza Minelli, Bianca Jagger and dozens of others got done partying at Studio 54, they'd head to Halston's to continue the festivities. Not that I ever care or follow any of those kinds of people, but architecture interests me, which makes the people stories interesting.

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(24-09-2020 04:37 PM)ScaryRob Wrote:  The only thing I couldn't do is delete the other posts, since only sysops seem able to do that.

Allowing me to do it would've been even simpler. You would only have had to type a name, which I would copy. Then I would've marked three posts for deletion, and two for moving to a new thread. Then I would've pasted the name you gave and that's all she wrote.

"sysops" on forums are usually called Moderators or Mods. Although some, with the most power, are called Administrators or Admins. THey OWN the forum.
But let's not discuss this any further. This is YOUR thread, after all Smile

#9 02-10-2020 
Some more WIPs.

3T2#05-3BR is loosely based on a Sims 3 house, which itself is based on a house featured in a magazine, is done and needs testing, although I'm debating about one particular room.

Done and uploaded: http://www.simfileshare.net/download/2132592/

[Image: 3T21.jpg]

[Image: 3T22.jpg]

[Image: 3T23.jpg]

Brutalist#09-3BR looks imposing on the outside but is an overbuilt, convoluted mess on the inside. Not a very good house, in my opinion. Done and needs a little more testing:
[Image: Brut-091.jpg]

[Image: Brut-092.jpg]

[Image: Brut-093.jpg]

Brutalist#10 has 3 bedrooms and is 95% done, but I'm thinking of rebuilding this on a slightly downsloping (uneven) Lot, which is where it really belongs, I think. It's built on a diagonal, but everything inside is on grid:
[Image: Brut-101.jpg]

[Image: Brut-102.jpg]

[Image: Brut-103.jpg]

Brutalist#11-3BR is also a somewhat overbuilt version of my Brutalist#08, which I just uploaded a few days ago. Done and needs testing:
[Image: Brut-111.jpg]

[Image: Brut-112.jpg]

Brutalist#12-2BR back to sanity, this is a nice two bedroom, based on a model I saw on Pinterest. Done and needs testing:
[Image: Brut-121.jpg]

[Image: Brut-122.jpg]

[Image: Brut-123.jpg]
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#10 02-10-2020 
CKRHouse-3BR is loosely based on a house by Swedish architects Claesson Koivisto Rune. I made this a number of years ago and never finished it. Needs furnished and I'm not too happy with some of the landscaping. Also, the slanted floor that acts as roof has that weird diamond pattern, which I don't think can be fixed:
[Image: CKR4.jpg]

[Image: CKR1.jpg]

[Image: CKR2.jpg]

[Image: CKR3.jpg]

Contemporary#03-5BR is a large house which I had up on MTS a few years ago for a while under a slightly different name. Three full bedrooms upstairs and two more potential bedrooms in the basement, along with a huge activity room. All rooms are good-sized in this house. Furnished, except for basement and needs a little more testing:
Done and uploaded: http://www.simfileshare.net/download/2157869/

[Image: Contemporary-03-Ext1.jpg]

[Image: Contemporary-03-Ext2.jpg]

Contemporary#05-3+BR is another large house with 3 full bedrooms, 2 full baths and a nursery upstairs, and 2 more potential bedrooms and an activity room on the ground floor. Done and needs testing.

[Image: Contemp-51.jpg]

[Image: Contemp-52.jpg]

[Image: Contemp-53.jpg]

Contemporary#06-4BR is yet another large house with 4 bedrooms upstairs and what I think is a very nice living room downstairs. Loosely based on a Minecraft house I saw on Youtube. Finished and needs testing:
[Image: Contemp-61.jpg]

[Image: Contemp-62.jpg]

Diagonal House is something I started several years ago, trying to reproduce a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Florida that is shaped like a boat. Although I've made several FLW houses over the years, my heart wasn't in this one and I quickly changed it to my own liking, although there are still traces of the FLW house in the form of the two terraces on either end. Obviously far from finished:
[Image: diagonal1.jpg]

[Image: diagonal2.jpg]

[Image: diagonal3.jpg]

Glass Cubed is a two bedroom where none of the interior walls touch any of the exterior glass walls. The entrance is in the foundation, which acts like a pedestal for the cube, with spiral stairs leading to the kitchen/dining area on the first level. Separate spiral stairs lead to the second level living room and third level bedrooms. I had this up on MTS a few years ago and I've tinkered with it a little, but it's pretty much unchanged since then. Need to run my test Sims through it once more and I could upload it. I'm thinking of making a copy of it on another Lot with different landscaping:

Completely rebuilt on a larger Lot - done and uploaded: http://www.simfileshare.net/download/2145391/

[Image: Redux-Glass-Cubed-Ext1.jpg]

[Image: Redux-Glass-Cubed-Ext2.jpg]

Taggart House (3BR) is inspired by the real Taggart House in Hollywood, designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright Jr., who was a successful architect in his own right, not unlike his famous father. Stunningly beautiful inside and out, I need to learn to use Mootilda's Grid Adjuster to hopefully be able to properly place this on a downsloping hillside:
[Image: Taggart-Ext16.jpg]

[Image: taggart1.jpg]

[Image: taggart2.jpg]

[Image: Taggart-Ext-Pool03.jpg]
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