The sims 2 DirectX 9.0c problem!
#1 05-10-2020 
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Hello today i haved installed sims 2 on my laptop but when i start the game there is error like this, The game run well in windowed mode but i didnt like it, i want to play it in full screen but it cant ( I try to install sims 2 on my old laptop and then the games run well no error like in that picture ).
Can somebody help me how to fix this?
My specification:
nvidia gtx 1050 ti
intel core i7-8750H

My old laptop specification
Nvidia gt 930m
Intel core i3 4005U

I really want to play sims 2 in full screen mode on my gtx 1050 ti laptop Sad
(Already use graphics rule maker make my graphic card 9. recognize by sims 2 but it still cant be started in full screen mode )
Sorry for my bad english because english is not my first language Smile

Edit: When i play in windowed mode i cant change the resolution, it only can play in 320x200 and i cant change it please help )

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