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This mod was initially created in response to a request by ZephyrZodiac. And then it grew and grew...

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UPDATE September 24th, 2011

Here's the latest: BO - Alien Experiments v1.7!!

When your sim is abducted by Aliens, (s)he can now suffer any ONE of the following effects:
  • Become pregnant
  • Become a Witch/Warlock (all alignments separately configurable) or be cured of Witchery
  • Become a Plantsim or be cured of Plantsimism
  • Become a Werewolf or be cured of Lycanthropy
  • Become a Vampire or be cured of Vampirism
  • Become a Zombie or be cured of Zombiism (Servo's are excluded since they're not supposed to die)
  • Have their gender preference reversed
  • Have their personality reversed (as with an imperfect resurrection, includes substantial skill loss)
  • Have their personality scrambled (somewhat random), with substantial skill loss
  • Suffer Amnesia as if an Evil Witch cast the "Tabula Rasa" spell on them (No AL required for this one!)
  • Have Comfort - and possibly one other Motive - drained.
  • Be Electrocuted. Electrocution KILLS the sim, but they will immediately be ressurrected: 50% change to return normal, 33% chance to return altered, 17% chance to return as a zombie! When a Zombie is Electrocuted, nothing happens! Smile
  • Recieve a Permanent Gender Change token, or have it taken away. This requires BO - Alien Experiments - P4A Override.
  • Have nothing happen at all
You have full control over the probability for each effect to happen to your sim. Chances can be entered in the 'Experiment Probability' BCON, and can be different for males and females. Just set the probability for a certain effect to 0 (zero) and it will never occur.
All the options for one specific gender may never total more than 100%, of course.

  • Teens and Young Adults can only be experimented on, if Inteen is installed, and the appropriate flags in the "Misc Flags" BCON are set to 1 (default).
  • Elders and Bigfeet will NEVER be experimented on!
  • Servo's *will* be messed with, but they would never become pregnant, nor would they become zombies, since they're not supposed to die.
  • Sims living in dorms can now also be experimented on, as long as they meet the criteria. This includes Alien pregnancies for YAs, as long as Inteen is installed.
  • Whether the game allows it or not, I (and the Aliens on my Anal Probe Ship with me) believe that Vampirism and Plantsimism do not fit together. Plantsims NEED sunlight, but Vampires are allergic to it. Therefor, a Plantsim will NEVER be made a Vampire or vice versa!

New in v1.7:
  • Pregnant sims can now also be experimented on, but only if the appropriate flag in "Misc Flags" is set to 1 (default is 0). However, this will NOT allow another pregnancy, because that would mean killing the existing fetus.
  • A new flag is introduced in the "Misc Flags" BCON, which allows experiments on sims who were abducted using the FT option "Watch for UFOs" (max Science enthousiasm option)
  • New settings are available that allow you to choose what gender of Alien will impregnate your abductee. The options are:
    • Same gender
    • Opposite gender
    • Preferred gender
    • Opposite of preferred gender
    This *does*, however, require my specialized version of the Multi-PT mod (NO, other Multi-PT mods do NOT support gender selection!) *and* equal numbers of male and female PTs.

Although this mod should work with ALL game configurations, 'supernaturals' for which the required EP isn't installed, will obviously be treated as 'no change'. So, regardless of your settings in the config file, without Nightlife no Vampires, without Pets no Werewolves, etc.

Unlike with Treeag's Sim Transformer, the 'Supernaturals' will be exactly like Maxis intended them. So a Zombie will have the actual Zombie personality and have lost most of its skills. Curing a Zombie involves restoring their GENETIC personality, but it won't restore lost skills.

NOTE: The 'Supernatural' effects are actually toggles: if the Aliens decide to experiment with Zombiism, and your sim is *already* a Zombie, the sim will be cured instead! Likewise for the others. Abducted Witches will NEVER change alignment, but simply be cured instead.

Whether the game allows it or not, personally I believe that the Plantsim-Vampire combination should kill sims (Plantsims NEED sunlight, but Vampires are allergic to it). Since the Aliens on my 'Anal Probe Ship' agree with me, and are not in the habit of killing sims, they refuse to bestow Vampirism upon a Plantism or vice versa!

NOTE: if you're updating to this new version, please REMOVE the old "xBO - Alien-Experiments-config.package". It is now replaced by "BO - Alien-Experiments-PREFS.package": this config file currently contains exactly the same settings as the main file. If you want to use different settings without messing up the main file, you can edit this file in stead. As long as this file loads AFTER the main package, your own settings will override the defaults.

New ideas are welcome. So if you know of another way for Aliens to make a Sim's life interesting, let me know Wink

Update, October 12th, 2011: Slightly edited the description.

Update, January 25th, 2012: Some moron (me) allowed teens to become Plantsims. That was NEVER supposed to happen, and I can't predict what happens when a teen Plantsim would grow up. So that error has now been corrected! Re-download is recommended. If you made your own settings in the PREFS-file, you don't need to overwrite that file. My apologies for any inconvenience.

Update, November 12th, 2018: NEW, HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL v1.80 LAUNCHED!!!
Almost 7 years after the previous update, I've now made some interesting changes Smile
  • Where previously, there was a separate chance for each of the seven alignments of Witches to occur, now there is only ONE that covers them all. When a sim is made witchy, their Grouchy/Nice personality trait determines how Good or Evil they will initially be as a Witch.
  • There is now a set of overrides to the probabilities. It is now possible to make sure that the 'supernatural' sims are always treated the same way. For example, in my own game, Plantsims are ALWAYS sent home pregnant. Other experiments are never performed on them. Also, female Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies are ALWAYS cured when they're abducted.
I like mixing it up a little.

How to use the OVERRIDES:
And of course, I realise that -- sometime soon -- someone may start asking about how those overrides work. And they would be right; I owe you an explanation of this feature.

So here's the thing. In the Misc Flags BCON, you will find 10 lines whose names start with "Override". That's where it happens.
Overrides are available for 5 classes of sims: Witches, Plantsims, Werewolves, Vampires and Zombies. And in each class, there is a separate line for males, and one for females.
Each of these lines can hold one number which defines the experiment that will ALWAYS be performed on sims of that type. All that you need to know now, is what numbers to use for the experiments. There are two ways:
  • open the Experiment Probability BCON, find the line for your desired experiment for a male, take the decimal line number, and divide by 2. That's the number you need.
  • select the number from the following list: 0 = pregnancy, 1 = witchery, 2 = plantsimism, 3 = lycanthropy, 4 = vampirism, 5 = zombiism, 6 = electrocute, 7 = invert personality, 8 = scramble personality, 9 = synchronise personality, 10 = invert gender prefs, 11 = drain motives, 12 = memory loss, 13 = gender toggle (yeah, the first method really is easier)
If you do NOT want a specific sim class to be treated any differently than normal sims, use the number -1 (hex: FFFF)
Insert the found number on the line of your specific sim class. From now on, that class will always get that treatment.

So this is why in the PREFS-ALT file, my female zombies always get treatment 5: zombiism experiment performed on a zombie cures them! The same goes for female vampires (4) and werewolves (3). My witches are treated like every other sim (-1, no override), but my plantsims (all of them) are ALWAYS made pregnant (0, pregnancy experiment).

When you upgrade to this new version, if you were using a separate PREFS file, you can NOT keep using that. You must transfer your settings to the PREFS file included in the new .zip.
I've now included TWO PREFS files.
BO - Alien-Experiments-PREFS.package --- still contains the exact same settings as the GLOBAL file. You can use this file to set up your own preferences.
BO - Alien-Experiments-PREFS-ALT.package --- this contains the settings that *I* play with myself.
  • Females never have their memories erased, do not have their motives drained, their gender preference reversed or their personalities messed with.
  • Females are always cured from Lycanthropy, Vampirism or Zombiism, and have a higher chance than males to become Plantsims (25% instead of 13%).
  • Also, when a Plantsim is abducted, they ALWAYS come home pregnant!

You can use this mod without the PREFS packages, or with either of the two. Conflicts between the PREFS and GLOBAL packages are normal; don't worry about them.

Because I appreciate that not everyone has the same tastes, I'm leaving v1.71 online, and present v1.80 as an optional alternative.

Enjoy, and as always...

Happy Simming!
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I've used quite a few mods by others, thus taking FROM the community. With the work that *I* create, I'm hoping to give something back TO the community.

Do with my work whatever the &#$% you like. If you re-use, edit and republish my work, I consider it a compliment. Especially if you let me know about it, and mention me in the credits.

But, although I would *appreciate* the note and the credits, if you choose to be a dick and act as if YOU created my mods, there's not a whole lot I can do to stop you, so I won't even TRY.


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#73 29-04-2018
Maybe a plantsim-vampire is one who can stand sunlight. Like the vampires from Twilight.

#74 29-04-2018
(28-04-2018 06:06 PM)MiaHSwe Wrote:  I once had a plantsim-vampire he could walk in daylight. It was many years ago. Don't remember mutch more. I never saved. ended game and restarted.

(29-04-2018 08:42 AM)Sims2Idea Wrote:  Maybe a plantsim-vampire is one who can stand sunlight. Like the vampires from Twilight.

Yeah, I've heard people mention that in this game Vampire-Plantsims can still survive. But that's not really my point. My point is that it SHOULD be a problem; Vampires are supposed to be allergic to sunlight, and Plantsims are supposed to NEED it. And since these two conditions are by definition contrary to each other, I think that Vampire Plantsims should not exist. And THAT is why I don't allow the Aliens to make such combos.

If the game allows sims to become Vampire-Plantsims, then I think the people at Maxis Studios made a horrible mistake! Everyone is free to disagree with me, of course. But this mod will still not let Vampire-Plantsimism happen.

#75 29-04-2018
I want to download this, but it sounds so complicated about all the required extra mods. I don't need a Multi-PT. I am happy with just the one alien. I also don't care about pregnancy because of abduction (actually I don't want that), but I'd love it when my abducted sim returns and his/her personality is swapped or he/she became a vampire or plantsim,...
So is it enough then that I just download v1.71 and nothing else?

#76 30-04-2018
Nothing extra is *required*! If you just get AE alone, the features that require extra mods, simply will not work. For example, if you have just the one PT, your abducted half-aliens will simply never come back pregnant, and that's all. But if you turn off alien-pregnancy altogether (which you could do), this will not matter anyway, because there will never be any half-aliens to abduct.

The ONLY exception is when I say that a mod will NOT work without a certain other mod. But in most instances, that other mod will then be Cyjon's Smarter EP-check, which is already required by some other mods as well. I did not make any claims like that in the description of this mod, so you can simply DL and use it as is.


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