Hobby Magazine Racks
#1 21-10-2020 
Two magazine racks, one floor standing and one for a counter, that sell the ten hobby magazines


[Image: HobbyMagazineRacks01.jpg]

#2 21-10-2020 
Interesting! That should fit nicely in some of my stores... Thank you for sharing!
One question, though: why is the counter-top rack so much more expensive than the free-standing one? But that probably also goes for the Maxis software racks, right?

#3 21-10-2020 
Same price as the Maxis ones. The floor is a clone of the magazine rack ($1000) while the counter is a clone of the video game rack ($1500)

#4 21-10-2020 
I've already recatted/repriced them and happily have them in my game Wink Thanks, Whoward!


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