#1 05-10-2010 
I'd like to lay down a few ground rules for this section of the Grease Pit.
  1. I do NOT do meshes or recolors. My creative skills are close to non-existent, so there's no point in asking me to make cool objects or recolor something anyone else made. I won't even try, so don't ask!
  2. I would like to keep different projects separated, because then at least I can SEE what I still have to do. If you have a request that seems related to something already mentioned in another thread, you're welcome to join the discussion in that thread and voice your opinion. But if your request has nothing to do with any ongoing discussion, please make a NEW thread for it. And please try to make the title say clearly what you're looking for. A good title helps the discussion.
  3. This section is meant for requesting mods. Please don't needlessly start idle conversations that have nothing to do with requesting mods. There are other sections where that is more appropriate.
  4. I'm still learning! So I may not be able to do everything you ask. But I *will* investigate the things that you ask, and if I can NOT do it, I will try to explain why *I* can not do it! In that case, maybe you should find someone else in stead.
  5. If you want me to make some kind of mod, ASK FOR IT OUT IN THE OPEN, by starting a thread in the garage, NOT by sending me a PM. Threads in the garage can be read by others, so they can add their ideas/suggestions as well, or they might know of an already existing mod that does what you want!

I'm usually a rather pleasant fellow, so you'd have to really work HARD to be thrown out, but if you do... This place is greasy and slippery, don't you ever forget that! You're a guest in my Garage, and I will treat you with respect as long as you do the same. Otherwise, you might accidentally end up with a spanner in your head. I'm terribly sorry for any inconvenience that may cause, but I won't be able to do anything about it.

#2 19-02-2016 
Recently, I recieved a request in PM. I do NOT encourage private requests like that - if you can't ask for it out in the open, then I'd rather not know about it -, but that is not the point here. The topic of the request in question, however, requires that I let you all know how I feel about it.

Someone (I don't think it would be fair to give personal details) asked me:

Quote:I was trying to figure out which of your mods to get individually but I'm starting to get confused which mods are required and such. If there was a complete kit then that would make it much easier so I could pretty much plug and play.

Sorry, my friends, but I'm afraid I must decline this idea:
  • First of all, none of my mods are required in general, although maybe one or two *might* be strongly recommended.
  • Secondly, *some* of my mods may depend on another mod being present, but those instances are ALWAYS clearly documented so there is no reason for anyone to get confused.
  • Thirdly, I do not believe in an easy plug-n-play complete package when mods for TS2 are concerned. Some mods come in multiple versions which should not be installed together and others don't work well with certain other mods present. Nothing in TS2 is plug-n-play, really.
  • Fourthly, even *I* don't use ALL my mods simultaneously, so I don't believe anyone else should, either. Every player has their own personal taste that cannot be satisfied by a single one-package-fits-all collection. One mod might be to your liking, but another does absolutely not what you want. So you still need to take - or make - the time to compile your own collection of choice.
  • Fifthly, some of my mods do require that a certain EP is - or is not - present. If I were to take that into account, I would be required to make different packs for different sets of EPs/SPs that a person might have. I'm not going to get into that hornet's nest, because that is not very plug-n-play, either!

I know that Pescado and a few others offer so-called 'complete mod-collections', but none of those are entirely plug-n-play either. There are always things that need extra attention. At Simbology, there are a plethora of threads on exactly that subject, where people start asking how to get this or that collection to work, because mods in the pack are conflicting with other mods in the same pack?

So, I'm sorry, but I believe that if I were to offer my entire oeuvre in a single package, I would not do anyone any great service, but instead add to the confusion. I'm not prepared to do that. I prefer to offer the best quality I can, not the highest quantity with the least effort.

Hoping to have been of assistance,

Happy simming!

Best regards,
- BO -

#3 24-08-2016 
FINAL UPDATE as of August 24th, 2016:

I'm sorry to say this, but I've officially made the final decision: I must withdraw as an active modder open for requests.

For quite a while, being a modder has been fun. But it's less so now. Over the last two years, I've *very sporadically* played TS2. And though I've accepted quite a number of requests, and promised a substantial number of people that I would look into certain things, I must admit that I have done nothing at all about any of them. That being the case, I can no longer in good conscience pretend to be available for mod requests, while actually I'm not. So it's time to retire; to throw the towel in the ring; to fold my cards, count my chips & leave the table; to hang my copy of SimPE by its scrawny neck until it creaks and croaks.

This means the following for my activities:
  • When I find the time, energy and inspiration to fix whatever bugs may be outstanding in my existing mods, I will attempt to do so.
  • I *will* remain available for support of my existing mods, so bug reports are still welcome. And I *will* try to fix them, because I *do* believe in integrity and quality control.
  • And if at some time I decide that *I* need some new mod to do something nobody else has done already, perhaps I will release something new. But I'm not counting on that, and neither should anyone else. It's over.
  • But sending new mod requests will, as of now, be a futile exercise, a waste of time and effort, a frustrating endeavour with no positive results. Your words will fall on deaf ears, go right through them, and disappear in the trash bin. I'm officially a has-been wannabee Tongue and a deaf one at that.

A big thank you goes out to all the people who have downloaded, liked, and supported my work, and are still using them. You guys were the ones who kept me going! Another big thank you goes out to those who were brave enough to report bugs and errors, so I could have a chance to improve on them and make things worse (hehehehe). I owe you all one; a debt I intend on never paying. Smile



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