Compatibility between Pescado's apthack and Chris Hatch's Apartments in University (C
#1 30-10-2020 
I must have found the answer to this quite a long time ago, because in my notes I've written 'delete Claim Suite BHAVs in CJH-UniApartments to make compatible with apthack', and that's what I did with the version of the mod file I currently have. However, I cannot find where I found that out, I've been searching the internet for half an hour and its driving me crazy. I am convinced I read it on this site, but I'm not sure and I can't find it anymore. I want to know why I made this edit and what affect it really has. I don't want to get rid of apthack because I actually like the deposit feature when using the reduced deposit mod as well as some of its other features, but does Chris Hatch's Uni Apartments mod offer something else beyond what is included in apthack? How can they be used together? I think Chris' Mod has a Retirement Home feature which I'd like to keep too. I'm so confused!

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Hi @BellaDovah,

Welcome to this board.

I've never seen any posts on describing the trick of deleting BHAVs from one mod to make it compatible with another. And I'm not surprised about that, because if such a trick had been published here, then most likely I would have been the person to write it, because most of the other creators are more into object creation. Doors, windows, desks, you name it; people here make great stuff. But BHAV's not so much. That has always ben my area of expertise; I'm the most BHAV-oriented creator publishing on the board.
But if I had written the article from which you had picked it up, the advice would've been to remove the mentioned BHAVs from Pescado's mod, and NOT from Chris'. Because I have used this trick with other mods myself, and I'm mostly not very fond of JMP's style of doing things. I've never used the Apthack, though, and I've never used any of Chris Hatch's mods, so I could not have written this...

Case in point: if you had ever read something about this trick on, then I should have known about it. And since I have not, I'm virtually certain that it was never on this board. I've also been active on Simbology until it was closed down a couple of months ago, and I'm quite certain that this trick didn't come from there, either.

Wherever you did get this advice from, is something that I would like to know as well, because I would like to read more of that author's work. So if you ever do figure out where this trick came from, I hope that you will let us know.

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Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly and the warm welcome! I did suspect that you would be the most likely person to have suggested this sort of thing so I believe you. I know that I wrote the note and edited the file in June, and since Simbology was still up and running then, I think its quite likely that I could have read it over there and that explains why I've not been able to find it again no matter what I type in - it's incredibly frustrating!
I haven't noticed any issues with my current setup when I've done gameplay testing in Uni apartments, but since I'm in the process of making a spreadsheet of all my conflicts, that's what has made me want to dig up the information again. Logically I also agree that it would possibly make more sense to make the change to apthack, but I'm also wondering whether I should just trust my June-self's instincts or whoever wrote the advice in the first place. It's going to bug me until I get my head around it again so I'll probably do some testing with various mod set ups/edits and see what I find.

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You're welcome. It was not problem to tell you what I know about it.

Since I've never used either of those mods, I cannot say for certain, of course. It is indeed possible that there was a good reason to remove stuff from Chris' mod, and not from Pes'.
I just generally don't like the way Pes does things in his mods, so I mostly load his first. And if need be, I remove stuff from his mods, and not from other people's.

I think I would've known if it was on Simbology, but my memory often fails me, so you might be right that it was there.
Mayhap you could do a Catweazle, and go back in time. (that's a link to the wayback machine)

#5 25-11-2020 
@BoilingOil So I never found where I read the advice to edit Chris' mod, but I've figured out why! Apthack introduces a deposit payment for apartments. Chris Hatch's Apartments in University makes rent cheaper for students (25% of what it would originally be), but this seems to prevent the apthack deposit from being charged, whether the apartment is located in university or not (though it is still displayed in the pie menu). I guess deleting the 'Claim Suite' BHAVs removed this student discount feature and allows for apthack's deposit to function correctly. Though, Kestrellyn's Halved Apartment Rent seems to work properly with apthack so there probably is a way to make the cheaper student rent feature work with apthack's deposit but since I don't know how to do that, I guess deleting it all together is the easiest solution. It's a bit of a shame because I like the rent being cheaper for students and perhaps not charging them a deposit but I love the deposit feature in my main hood, perhaps I could use the unedited version when playing uni apartments and the edited version when in the main hood, or use the Halved Apartment Rent mod in a similar way.
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#6 25-11-2020 
@BellaDovah Yeah, I understand your problem. You have two mods that both modify the same system. And they have different features that you like, but which seem not to be compatible with each other. I've always hated such problems.

Sometimes, I would also try to merge two such mods into a hybrid, or to remove parts from one so it would happily work together with the other. But my success rate in that respect was not very high. Writing your own mods, or little extensions on the mods of other people is much easier than trying to merge two mods from different people. Most of the time I just ended up making a choice: one or the other, just like most people would.

#7 25-11-2020 
@BoilingOil I actually also have a conflict between Chris Hatch's Apartments in University and your Multiple Key Dorm Rooms, so I'm hoping having yours overriding will not cause any issues, I haven't noticed any so far Smile If I find CJH's mod to cause problems due to the large amount of conflicts, I guess I'll have to give it the boot but my mod setup for University dorms & apartments seems to be doing ok at the moment.

File Type: BHAV
Procedure Name: College - Have Key?
Group ID: 0x7FD46CD0
Instance ID: 0x000003C9
Packages Containing This Procedure:
\downloads\Mods\zAdditions\BO - Multi-key Dorm-Doors.package


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