Mog's Newspaper Rack for Owned Businesses
#1 05-11-2020 
I noticed that back in 2011, LeeFish commented "Hi Mog - is there any update on this OFB thing? It would be SO awesome...... (am currently building a standalone newsagents as my sim's first business.....)" on Mog's Newspaper Rack.
I'd also really like it to be functional on owned business. I was just wondering if maybe we could put our heads together and work out how to update it to make it functional on owned businesses?

#2 09-11-2020 
I would say the modding needed is far beyond my skills Sad I know Mog found it hard and she was Mog.

#3 09-11-2020 
If Mog couldn't do it, I'm not sure if I could make it work, either. Even if I were to come out of retirement, which I'm not planning to.


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