BO's to-do list
#1 06-10-2010 
This thread is merely meant to be a reminder to me, what things I'm supposed to still be working on. Completed tasks will be stricken or removed as I see fit; new tasks may be added to this top post.
If you would have additions to any of the 'projects' mentioned here, please feel free to reply in this thread.

Remember: for any NEW projects you want me to look into, please open a NEW thread.
  • Project - Voodoo: Think of a way to set sims on fire. If the fire dies, sims should either become a Zombie, or - if they already *are* a Zombie - be cured of Zombiism. If possible, make the arsenist get the memory of "Saved <sim> from death" when curing a zombie this way.
  • Project - Crops: Alter Echo's produce basket so it's stored in a fridge as Fresh Food.
  • Project - Owned Carpool: Allow for multiple sims to go to work in a single owned car (preferrably also disabling the carpool, and allowing kids to be brought to school).
  • Project - SARA: Create a 'Spawnable Age & Relationship Adjuster', a spawnable object that allows altering sims' ages and relationships (the latter even uni-laterally).
  • Project - Harder Plantsim Life: Find a way to make the Plantsim's "Spores of Happiness" a permanent, motives-draining effect.
  • Project - Aspiration Tips: Think of a way to give service sims a 'Tip' not in cash, but rather in Aspiration Points from the Reward Catalog...
  • Project - Dorm-door invites: Add option to Dorm-doors to (temporarily) invite/allow a single dormie in your room, even when the door is locked. This would be practical for WooHoo and stuff...

* Project - Chores Controller: Another thing I would *like* to eventually do, is to create a way to control what tasks both the Butler and the Servo are allowed/required to do.


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