Windows 10 UC - Mysterious Blue Lines
#11 19-12-2020 
Yeah, I know... odd. LOL! I had mine set to 8192 (I think?) and I had pink flashing... someone suggested 8203 (I don't know why?) but I haven't had a problem since.
Go figure - me - odd?

#12 19-12-2020 
Ok, in that case, @katydid, just try 8203 for texture memory. It worked for Cat, so maybe it works for you as well.

#13 19-12-2020 
(19-12-2020 01:24 AM)katydid Wrote:  I'm starting to thing the answer might be gremlins.
Isn't it always Gremlins? Tongue

I don't seem to have any bookmarks related to nVidia settings specifically. Lots of stuff on the purple flashing though. Not sure, but maybethis will help?

#14 19-12-2020 
...and have you read through/tried the things mentioned in this thread:
(I'm still not finding the card settings post I thought I'd seen *sheesh*) Rolleyes

#15 19-12-2020 
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(19-12-2020 08:56 PM)CatherineTCJD Wrote:  ...and have you read through/tried the things mentioned in this thread:

We have a winner! Celebrate One of the options in the MTS thread was to try running the game in windowed mode. Lo and behold, no more weird blue lines! I have no idea why or how this worked (maybe the gremlins like it better this way?) but it seems to have done the trick, knock on wood.

Thank you all for your help, I never would have gotten this fixed on my own!

#16 20-12-2020 
Hallelujah! Now - have fun!!! Celebrate


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