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I just downloaded my first set of multi-PTs, but I found another one right after that I liked as well (I haven't opened the game again yet). I did some research -- is multi_pollination_technician_template.package meant for only 4 multi-PTs? Both sets I found had this mod, and one set had 4 PTs and the other had 3. I was thinking I could just keep all the PT files and one of the template mod, but will that mess something up?

Alternatively, if I downloaded a mod meant for 8 PTs, could I just add all 7 PTs (with the default one as the 8th) to the same folder, giving me my customized 8 PT set? Or do I have to change some stuff in SimPe?

I am mostly just not sure what the multi_pollination_technician_template.package mod does and what it requires in order to function.

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Each set of multi-PTs will have their own GUIDs and need to override the global BHAV "NPC - Get Alien Dad - NID" to use those GUIDs, so highly unlikely you can mix-and-match. Although it would be possible to merge the "NPC - Get Alien Dad - NID" BHAVs in each set, if you know what you're doing

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@meeks926 No, a multi-PT mod does not need to be 4 PTs. I've made one (and shared it here on Leefish) that handles 8 PTs. And (as you guessed) 3 or 7 new PTs is also acceptable, if they are indeed used together with the existing default PT or a replacement PT. However, you cannot just use any multi-PT mod with any set of PTs, because -- as @whoward69 correctly indicates -- each PT has its own GUID, which must be referenced in the mod. And that is -- as you also guessed -- done in SimPE.
Fortunately, I've published a tutorial on correctly referencing PTs in my mod as well, which is also linked to from my multi-PT download page.

And finally, I also have a complete set of 8 PTs available, which includes a pre-configured 8-PTs mod.

Hoping that this helps, I wish you

Happy Simming,


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