A Wee Observation on Sim-Painted Paintings
#1 10-02-2021 
[Image: TS2-SimPaintedPaintings01.jpg]

[Image: TS2-SimPaintedPaintings02.jpg]

[Image: TS2-SimPaintedPaintings03.jpg]

[Image: TS2-SimPaintedPaintings04.jpg]

[Image: TS2-SimPaintedPaintings05.jpg]

[Image: TS2-SimPaintedPaintings06.jpg]

[Image: TS2-SimPaintedPaintings07.jpg]

[Image: TS2-SimPaintedPaintings08.jpg]

[Image: TS2-SimPaintedPaintings09.jpg]

[Image: TS2-SimPaintedPaintings10.jpg]

[Image: TS2-SimPaintedPaintings11.jpg]

[Image: TS2-SimPaintedPaintings12.jpg]

So perhaps I need a Simmy place with a shoddier Environment for more reliable testing, but I'm getting the impression that Sim-painted paintings — no matter how wonderfully they're painted, or what types of painting they may be, or how In-the-Zone and awesome at Arts & Crafts the painter is or was — don't really do much — if anything — for a room's Environment. And isn't that the whole point of adding paintings to a house in the first place? Undecided

What do you think?
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